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Daily Post #35-37 : Baby Stuffs Haul (1/2)

So I went again to the Baby Expo today as I am not anymore that clueless as compared to when I went yesterday. Before sleeping last night, I was able to read some articles and blogs about the things that I should have already readied before Bibibam comes. It may not be a lot since Aaron had already bought some baby essentials during a baby expo last month in Manila but still, I was more than happy with my purchases. My mom-ode is really on now!

Since I was already familiar with the layout and I already know what to buy it had already been easy for me to navigate through the expo.


Bubba blue


I started with Bubba Blue which is a family-owned business selling nursery products ranging from linens to everyday essentials. The throng of people circling around Bubba Blue was more manageable earlier than yesterday which is why I was able to have a good look first of all the products that they have there before I finalized on a purchase. I was initially eyeing the newborn sleeping bags since they were just selling them for $30 for 2 but I kept on thinking if they were worth it. I just don’t like overbuying things and being redundant as I know that Bibibam will grow up faster than we think. While I was still debating over the indispensability of the sleeping bags, I saw some bibs on the far side which were selling for $10 for 2 packs! I immediately grabbed them since it is a sure fact that Bibibam will eat solid foods, later if not sooner, and he’ll use them eventually.



Next stop was Curash. I’ve read a lot of good things about the Curash baby wipes as they are not either too dry or dripping wet as compared to the other brand of baby wipes. Customers only have an issue with the new packaging of the wipes in the value pack (6 packs with 80 wipes each) since these do not have a plastic lid which easily dries out the wipes.

Curash baby wipes.png

I only bought 2 packs of their Simply Water variant, each for $3 during the expo, since I’m afraid that I might still see more things to buy later on and I would not be able to buy them anymore since I’ve already got a lot to carry. You know how pregnant women are not allowed to carry heavy things, right?

After crossing out the baby wipes in my checklist, I head on to finding the perfect baby skincare and cleaning and laundry products for Bibibam. Natural and organic products is a booming industry here in Australia. The Aussies are just too picky when it comes to the products they put in their skin and in their mouth that we are currently bombarded with a lot of SME’s that sell these type of things.


little innoscents

Little Innoscents is one of them. This lovely brand offers a wide variety of natural and organic skincare and cleaning/laundry ranges and they have already partnered with a number of major stockists nationwide which makes their products accessible. Since I have already decided that I will mix up the use of cloth and disposable diapers for my baby, I was on the look-out for a mild laundry liquid. Little Innoscents has it and they also got the fabric softener which comes in 1L bottles.

Since they are too big and heavy for this pregnant lady, I put off  buying them in the meantime. At least I know now where to go to in the future when I already need them. By the way, Little Innoscents also sell a wide range of aromatherapy oils which I’ll look into in the future since a number of women have attested that this had helped them during labour by being a helpful diversion from the pain.


To be continued…

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