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Hi! I am Lav.

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Daily Post #31: Melbourne Basics (1/2)

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My mom has visited me recently. It was her first time here in Melbourne so I was left with the challenge of coming up with an instant itinerary for her. It was a quick visit and I only had a day to give her a glimpse of the city.

Because I am living in a different country, I had already anticipated that I will assume the responsibility of being a tour guide to my visiting relatives or friends sooner if not later.

While I was showing my mom around, I realized that I had already devised a quick, go-to itinerary for my visitors. This has already been the third time that I had been visited by someone I know: my husband, a previous co-worker and the latest was my mom. I am just starting!

I usually start the itinerary at Flinders Street Railway Station. This station is very iconic due to its unmissable facade. It is also historic as it is the first ever railway station in the country. The Melburnian saying “I’ll meet you under the clocks” actually refers to the row of clocks hanging at the main entrance of the station which shows the departure time of the trains in each line.

I believe that anyone who visits Melbourne should see the Flinders Street Station. As of now, the facade is still undergoing some much-needed facelift. I can’t wait to see the finished product since the revamp has been going on for about 3 months now.

After Flinders Street Station, I would normally lead my visitors to the pedestrian crossing in the front of the station. The crossing is considered to be one of the busiest crossings in the city which is a no-brainer as the station is considered to be the busiest station in Melbourne, if not Australia.

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