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Daily Post #44: The Day Prior Glucose Tolerance Test

Why is it that most of the time that I'll have a doctor's appointment the following day, I do end up getting slightly sick they day prior, just like today? I'm just having a cold now due to the hot and windy weather earlier today but no biggie! There's nothing that can't be remedied by water and a good night's sleep.

I'll be having my Glucose Tolerance Test tomorrow which apparently is a must for women in Australia who are in between their 26 to 28 weeks of pregnancy. This is used to diagnose gestational diabetes (diabetes in pregnancy). A pregnant woman's body has to work doubly hard to produce insulin, which regulates the amount of sugar in our blood. If the woman's body is not able to cope up, there is a high potential that she can develop gestational diabetes. I hope my constant sweets intake during the last couple of months won't have an adverse effect to the efficiency of my pancreas. 

Even though it is really not good timing to have a cold right now as I have a tendency to eat a lot when I'm feeling sick, I still needed to adhere to the rule and to fast 12 hours before they take a sample of my blood for testing. Anyway, I've already ate a lot of rice earlier today and I think that would already be enough until I get to eat again tomorrow!

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