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Gourmet Society: The Privilege Card Foodies Got to Have

Gourmet Society: The Privilege Card Foodies Got to Have

Filipinos have a penchant for food. Case in point is that I love to eat and I love to explore new restaurants to dine in. With the boom of the restaurant industry and establishments sprouting right and left, keeping up with all of them is already becoming a taxing task and not to mention, a really expensive endeavor for a foodie like me. That is why when Gourmet Society introduced a membership and privilege card which gives its members 20% off from their total bill when they dine in their partner restaurants, I was beyond ecstatic! Now, I got you curious, too, right?

So, what exactly is Gourmet Society Philippines?

Launched in October 2015, this leading restaurant loyalty and privilege membership card has already partnered with over 200 restaurant brands. Their partners give its members 20% off their total bill without any required minimum or reservations. Apart from this, members can also access thousands of pesos worth of vouchers being given regularly by Gourmet Society which makes being a member such a sweet deal!

Can you give me an idea of their restaurant partners?

These brands are just a little fraction of the whole:

You may see the most updated list here.

Now, you had me there! How can I be member?

Pretty simple! You can just go here, register to get both your physical and digital Gourmet card and pay the membership fee of Php 1,999 online good for one year!

If you are not ready yet to shell out that amount of money and would want to gauge first whether it is for you, Gourmet Society is giving a 30-day trial membership. You may just download the Gourmet PH app and follow the instructions there.

I have already registered, so what's next?

You may now download the Gourmet PH app on Apple App Store or Google Play Store. Sign up for a Gourmet Society Account using the details you keyed-in during registration and you will then be able to access your digital Gourmet Society card. Voila, you are already good to go! 

How do I get 20% off my restaurant bill with Gourmet Society?

Simply present your Gourmet Digital Card (you'll receive immediately upon registration) or Physical Card (you'll wait for a few days for it since it will be shipped to your address) to any of their partner restaurants.

What else can I use the app for?

Glad you asked! Do not know where to eat? You may use the search tool to locate restaurants near you or within Metro Manila! Loved that Japanese restaurant from last weekend's lunch-out, or that BBQ joint you visited last week with the family? You may save your favorites! Visited one of the partner restaurants and you want to remind yourself that you had already been there? Just tap the "Been Here" icon! Awesome!

So, what are you still waiting for? Go, register now and eat away while you save a lot of money!

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