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Hi! I am Lav.

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Warehouse Hopping in Alexandria

Warehouse Hopping in Alexandria

There are a lot of things to discover and do in Sydney, that is why I try as much as possible to go to a new place at least once a week to pretty much cover the whole city in a shorter period of time. One of the trips I recently took was to Alexandria. Alighting from Green Square, I decided to walk to The Base Warehouse which was my initial destination for that day. 

Mitchell Road Antique & Design Centre

On my way to The Base I got intrigued with this store along Bourke Road that had half of its door rolled up which was pretty much wide enough for me to peek in but narrow enough for me to still get curious. The store goes by the name of Mitchell Road Antique & Design Centre and it has a lot of interesting things in there that could get you going for hours. May I also say that the warehouse was huge! There were some shabby chic furniture, old vinyl records, figurines, collector's items, lamps, paintings, vintage dresses and a whole lot of other things that could easily interest any collector or scavenger on the look-out for stuffs that they could add to their collection. This was clearly an antique-lover's haven!

Even though I am not much into antiques I still spent a good deal of 30 minutes there before I left.

The Base Warehouse

In no time I was back on the road and back to my original destination. Now this is something that I really enjoyed losing myself into. The warehouse has all the party supplies that I could ever imagine. From wooden chopping boards perfect for that food shoot that I'm planning to do to color-coded candies perfect for that dessert buffet your cooking up, they were all there! This place has got to be an events planner's version of a chocoholic's chocolate factory.

I love how they categorized some party items by color. It makes planning so fun and a whole lot easier!

FSW Shoe Warehouse

And who can resist looking in a store that sells discounted branded shoes? No one! So I also went inside and wandered for a bit.

After hours of walking and looking around, I found myself in this cozy restaurant called Chicky Char Char that mainly offers salads and sandwiches. I ordered the unconventional item which was their crispy wings and savored every bit of it so that I could have a reason to linger just a little longer.

Even though it was raining when I went there, I thoroughly enjoyed my first visit in Alexandria. Those 3 that I had gone into were just a little percentage of the many warehouses there! I still have a long list of places to check out in that lovely suburb. I am so excited to come back for the others!

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