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Sydney Night Noodle Markets

Sydney Night Noodle Markets

The abundance of food choices, great outdoors, lively atmosphere, foodies all around and the casual ambiance. These are just some of the things that I love about food markets!

In lieu of the Good Food Month that's happening in Sydney every October, the Night Noodle Markets came back to life with 40 stalls each offering different mouth-watering specialties in Hyde Park 7 days a week, starting at 5 pm on weeknights and 4 pm on weekends. Combining the ambiance of an Asian market and the vibe of an outdoor festival, the market attracted a lot of Sydneysiders, especially Asians, who are fans of Asian cuisines and who just want to enjoy the food in a casual way.

Entering the premises, you won't be able to miss the thick smoke coming from Hoy Pinoy, a stall which offers Filipino grilled items like Pork BBQ and Chicken BBQ. Since we miss Pinoy food like this, we bought six humongous sticks of Pork BBQ and 4 sticks of the chicken. It really was the real deal. It was sweet and smoky and juicy like what we have in the Philippines just that the chunks of meat were bigger.

We also got the chips topped with Adobo which was surprisingly so good I almost finished this whole plate here.

Aside from the stalls there were also a number of food trucks parked there which offer Yum Cha (Aussies term for dim sum), Thai food and more. 

We got the Vegetarian stir-fried noodle which was surprisingly sweet from Thai in a Box!

We also got this curry-tasting fried rice placed in a pineapple bowl which was so picture-worthy but is so mild in taste that I was not sure what it was supposed to be anymore.

And of course let us not forget this Watermelon cake which was so creamy but not too sweet which I absolutely liked. This had been my palate cleanser for the night as it was so refreshing I can envision summer just by eating it. Complementing the taste, it also looked so nice. I have seen in the news the other day that this cake is actually the most Instagrammed cake there is lately in Sydney. Well, how can it not be? It was so good inside and out!

They also put up 3 bars around the area which offered beverages from water to alcoholic ones.

I loved the ambiance of the market! It was so chill and relaxed, people who were not grab a table just sat on the grass and ate away. We were lucky we were able to secure a table though.

The Night Noodle Markets had its last day yesterday in Sydney and will make its way in Melbourne on November 10.

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