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Winter in Australia: The Gap, Watsons Bay and Bondi Beach (Day 1 of 6)

Winter in Australia: The Gap, Watsons Bay and Bondi Beach (Day 1 of 6)

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA. While countries on the other side of the globe was experiencing summer last August, Australia was experiencing otherwise. The continent is always on the other end of the spectrum which makes it effortlessly unique.

Our relatives were already waiting for us at the end of the arrival ramp. Stepping out of the airport, I immediately felt how colder it was outside than inside. After having our lunch, we immediately found ourselves cruising the streets of the city.

We first went to, what they call, the richer part of the city as was evident from the big houses left and right along the streets we drove in and the nice views around that the people in those houses enjoy waking up with. The Gap was the first item in our list. It is an ocean cliff found at the South Head Peninsula and a popular destination among tourists. Given that, I was happy that the place was not at all crowded when we arrived in it. In the entrance, curiosity set in upon me seeing information boards about the saving power of God and a few counselling toll booths prior passing the gates. My uncle may have seen a somewhat disturbed look on my face as he promptly told us that it was an infamous place for suicides.


A conducive suicidal spot or not, The Gap is still as beautiful as it is. I loved how the waves on the big rocks below crashed melodiously, how the cool wind from the ocean felt in my face, how the clustered houses ahead merged into the scenery making the view one big and magnificent tapestry and how I was able to feel at peace in an instant. I just wish that the beauty that I was seeing can instantly flick an off-switch to those who are about to commit the act.


A short walk across The Gap led us to this calm part of the city called Watsons Bay. After frolicking under the sun and disturbing the peaceful life of the seagulls by running in the spaces between them, we retired in The Beach Club, a casual restaurant along the waterside that offers some stunning view of the harbour, some good amount of sunlight and a bucket of fries we shared with the seagulls.

Here are the seagulls launching towards the french fry that I just tossed.

After satisfying our bellies with the bucket of fries and a supplemental ice cream sandwich, we traversed further north and found ourselves taking a coastal walk along the South Head Heritage Trail which starts in Camp Cove. Along the way, we walked past the nudist-infested Lady Bay Beach, which even in the middle of winter hosted three guys who were displaying their seemingly insulated ding-a-dongs like they just do not care, to reach this part of the trail that offered a magical combinatory view of the sunset and the open water. The candy-like Hornby Lighthouse painted in red and white awaited those who successfully reaches the end of the trail.

Right before the sun had set, we walked back to the car and drove down Old South Head Road to see the iconic Bondi Beach. It had been an awesome experience to see the Sydney skies transform to a perfect blend of pinks, blues and yellows from the Bondi. As the skies slowly turned into charcoal and the surfers retreated back to the shoreline with their boards, it was also then that we found nearby North Bondi RSL that offers a hefty serving of rump at half the price. While we were eating in the club's porch, being warmed up by the outdoor gas heaters and enjoying the meat-based meal we have, it was only then that the thought of me being in Australia, finally, dawned. Did the thought occurred a little bit late? Maybe but it did not matter. What had taken me aback was the second thought that reached me way too early than I could have ever expected and this was it: Australia feels like home.

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