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Cakes and Chocolates in Niemetz

Cakes and Chocolates in Niemetz

SALZBURG, AUSTRIA. Confectionery shops or konditorei dominate Europe. I think it is safe to say that we have gone to at least a couple of dozen cafes during our 12-day Euro tour last 2014 because one, it is a good place to escape the cold weather outside and two, the coffee, pastries and hot chocolate of Europe are just freaking delicious. It had been the same when we went to Salzburg. Before we left Salzburg, we dropped by this eye-catchy shop called Niemetz Cafe near the Horse Wells which offers a wide variety of cakes and has an old-fashioned interior highlighted by pink and gold detailings. We opted for the combo order that included one cake and one drink of choice. Since there was 5 of us in the group, we got different cakes so that we would all be able to taste a few. We got some cheesecake, a moist chocolate cake, a chocolate cake infused with coconut and an apple strudel which I personally found to be the best among all. Austrians say that their Apple Strudel is a must-eat when you visit the country so if you happen to get yourself into a hard decision of tasting just one cake during your travel, I tell you that this would be your best bet.

Austrians say that their Apple Strudel is a must-eat when you visit their country...

Prior going out, I had the great opportunity to meet the owner of the cafe who gratefully gave me a  pack of their homemade cocoa powder and some sweets to take home. How sweet of her! I only was able to make a cup of hot chocolate for myself after I got back home from the Philippines and the verdict was that my family and I loved it so much that we did only consume a little bit of it once in a while. I think we were only able to consume all of it after 2 months of opening the pack! If you happen to be in Salzburg and are still undecided on what to bring home, I think that their cocoa powder would be a great choice!


ADDRESS: Herbet-von-Karajan-Platz 11, 5020 Salzburg, Austria

PHONE: +43 662 843367

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Of Sights and Pastries in Salzburg

Of Sights and Pastries in Salzburg