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Hi! I am Lav.

Welcome to my creative portfolio. I document my adventures and snapshots in travel, style and food here. Take your time to explore and hope you have a nice stay!

Travel Items I Can't Do Without When I Go Explore the World

Travel Items I Can't Do Without When I Go Explore the World

One of the things I take pride on is the fact that I am a light packer. I can usually live from a backpack or a small luggage whenever I travel especially when I'll just be heading to a country that has a weather like ours.

I am that no-fuss kind of girl. That one whom you can see wearing a pair of shorts and a t-shirt or a light dress paired with an equally comfortable sandals or rubber shoes for that long walk, sightseeing and culture immersion day-long. That one who cuts her hair super short or putting it up in a mid-height ponytail so that she could not be bothered with trying to fix and comb it every now and then. That girl with no accessories whatsoever aside from a pair of earrings, a watch and a bracelet that promises good health, good fortune, good luck and a safe travel. That one who wears no make-up and prefers it bare. You get the picture. Now you can see how I can afford to travel lightly.

So you may be wondering what items then do I pack with me. What are those items I can't live without when I travel? What items take that precious space in my backpack? 

Well, I call them my uncompromisables.

My uncompromisables comprise of  things that I usually pack with me aside from my toiletries and my clothes and the usual travel documents. They are those items that had proved to be necessities for me to make the most out of a certain experience.


1. Camera

This is the most important thing for me when I travel. I love to take pictures. For those who had already seen me in action, they can attest that I could get a little aggressive when I take my photos.  I make sure that I take numerous shots of my subject from different angles. For me, it is better to be excessive than to find out later on that you only took a few not-so-good shots. I had been using my Lumix LX7 for 2 years now and I find it to be my perfect match! Compact, takes crisp pictures and light, it is the perfect travel shutter for me.

2. Laptop & Hard Drive (killer pair!)

Although my laptop takes most of my allowable baggage weight, I still don't fail to bring it when I travel. After a day touring around a city or a destination, I still make it a point to transfer my photos before I go to sleep. I'd just like to make back-up files immediately. The hard drive is more of a double back-up for double assurance! I love the durability of my Macbook Pro. I probably dropped it twice already but fortunately it still works perfectly! As for my hard drive, I already have learned my lesson and I am now more careful on handling it. My previous hard drive gave up on me without any foretelling signs! Well, good thing I do double back-up!

3. Smartphone

I love to take Instagram photos and it is quite shameless since my feed is most of the time more updated than my blog! I just love how you can take a shot, edit it a wee bit and upload it immediately for people to see. I just adore the quick interaction and sharing of your experiences to the world. For those who are asking, I am still using an iPhone 4S and I love it to bits! I like how it can all be a camera, voice recorder and notes taker. Very helpful if I want to remember some information!

4. Powerbank

One word: Lifesaver!

Since I do overuse my phone quite a lot whenever I travel, I need something to make my battery last longer than usual. My Momax can do just that! It can fully charge my iPhone in 4 cycles for the whole day.

5. Comfy Shoes

I am that person who could walk for hours in heels/wedges without my feet ending up in so much pain. Walking in heels had already become that habit that I know would eventually become bad for my wellbeing. With this, I am already trying to forego the habit. Though I could not feel it yet, I know that walking in heels would pose more pain and ailment for me when I grow old, that is why I always have my pair of Reebok on stand-by. Whenever I feel that I have already immersed my feet into a lot of pressure and stress from the long walks I usually take, I just change into my ever dependable Reebok pair! Check out Zalora as I have seen that they offer a lot of sport brands including Reebok. For more style options, you may also check more Reebok shoes here.


Well, that's it for me! How about you, what are your uncompromisables?

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