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Makati: Pudding Republiq

Makati: Pudding Republiq


MANILA, PHILIPPINES - Bread Pudding is love. I always get giddy whenever I eat pudding or I saw pudding in a store or a buffet table. I like it primarily because of its taste and maybe a little bit because of its mushiness but I love it more because of its simplicity and the comfort it gives me whenever I eat one. It feels like being transported back to the time when I was still a little kid and all I think about was sugar, candies, cakes, cartoons, jackstone and everything nice.

Pudding Republiq stands along the stretch of Emilia Street in Makati City, that part of Emilia that is almost perpendicular to Bautista Street. Because of the loud, pink color of the stores's logo, you will never pass by this dessert place without ever noticing it. And for me who adores pudding and pink, what else do I need for me to go inside the place and see what they got? Nothing more, so I got in! The place is colorful and adorable that it reminded me of fairies and unicorns! It feels like a shop that is made out of candy! 

I was more than contented with the classic bread pudding but seeing they also have other variants I have never heard of woke up the curious cat in me! I just had to order the flavoured ones. As of this moment, they have 12 variants of their pudding which comes in a cup (Php 70) or a loaf (Php 300): Classic, Ube, Fruit, Yema Pastillas, Peaches, Banana Caramel, Red Velvet, Toblerone, Smores, Ube Macapuno and Sugar Free. I got the Yema Pastillas and the Smores because the lady there told me they are their bestsellers! And boy they are really, really good! The Yema Pastillas, was amazing! The bread pudding balances off the sweet and creamy pastillas on top that it came off just heavenly. I also like the Smores because it is not too sweet yet I can still taste the yummy chocolate in there. I only got then a cup of each because all the loaves are out that day in a bazaar they had joined in. No biggie! As that is one more reason for me to go back to this lovely dessert shop in Emilia.



  • Address: 8-A Emilia St. Cor. Bautista, Palanan, Makati City
  • Facebook: /PuddingRepubliq
  • Mobile: +63917 515.3484
  • Phone: +632 949.9611
Mandaluyong: Tim Ho Wan

Mandaluyong: Tim Ho Wan

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