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An Expedition to Legoland Malaysia Resort

An Expedition to Legoland Malaysia Resort

JOHOR BAHRU, MALAYSIA. It was a sunny day when we crossed the border from Singapore to Malaysia to go to Legoland. Let us rewind back a little though as I am getting ahead of myself here.

We started our journey in the Singapore Flyer where we claimed our tickets and embarked on our designated coach. Some weeks prior our escape, we decided to book our tickets from Easibook, Singapore and Malaysia's largest bus ticketing site which now also offer packages that include both the tickets to the attractions of your choice and the transportation to and from the destination. This site made our life much simpler as we only had to book online, in the comforts of our own home, print the e-ticket and present it on the ticketing station found in the vicinity of the Singapore Flyer to get our official tickets and passes. It was that easy and there were no more wasting precious time and waiting in line. Our coach left at around 830 AM and traversed towards Legoland for 1.5 hours, which already included the stop at the Singapore and Malaysia immigration centers. At exactly 10 AM we had already arrived in Legoland, just in time for its opening time.

The facade can be deceiving. I initially thought that Legoland could be covered in just a few hours tops but I tell you now that you can at least dedicate a whole day here to enjoy the park best. The moment we stepped inside the vicinity, we were immediately greeted by a happy and light aura. This place really promises non-stop fun not just for the kids but for the whole family. The park is partitioned to 7 adventure-packed segments: The Beginning, LEGO Technic, LEGO Kingdom, Imagination, LEGO Legends of Chima Miniland, Land of Adventure, Miniland and LEGO City. Let us go through it one by one!



As the name implies, the Beginning is where your fun-filled day begins! Walk through the alleyway and pass by the benches and trees lined up in the middle to come face to face with a larger span of land at the end of it. Run towards the steel balustrade ahead of you and stick your head out to come closer to the man-made lake. And who knows? You might get lucky and see the color-blocked train pass by on the other side of the lake.  Right after the train goes out of your peripheral version, make a 360-degree turn to get acquainted of your surroundings. It is then that you will see the abundance of beautifully built, life-size Lego characters around you. Pick one to have your picture taken with or if you have all the time in the world, go through each one and have a cozy picture with all of them.



To the left side of The Beginning is the LEGO Technic. You can test drive your engine and its components here first to see if they are working properly and magnificently. Run/jump/hop to feel if your knees are more than ready for the tiring day ahead, ride the Project X to evaluate your scream during each brave razor-sharp turns and drops, exercise your reflexes and intuition in Aquazone Wave Racers by calculating if the next blast would come off your way and dodging it before it even does an, last but not the least, double check if your sense of fun and adventure is still in tact!



You only have to come as yourself as all who steps in this lovely kingdom magically turns into knights on their own rights, so go on and embrace being one at this moment. Go through the gates, give a salute to the guards outside and head on upstairs to do what you came to do: Conquer the Dragon Coaster! If the first ride was not successful, you are much welcome to try and try again until the dragon gets exasperated with you and throw you out. If you are too scared to just even have a glimpse of the dragon, do not fret us you can use The Forestmen's Hideout for a while to seek refuge or ride astride the Royal Joust to get out of here as soon as your galloping horse can!



A place for the true LEGO fan, let your imagination and creativity run wild in this piece of land in Legoland Malaysia! I tell you now that lazy and impatient people would not benefit much from here. Why? Build-and-play activities abound in this little place. You have to exert some kind of effort before you can even enjoy the fruits of your labor! Pull yourself up on the Power Tower to reach the top and stay there for a second or two to savor your accomplishment before going down again and repeating it until you get tired, build your dream object in the Build and Test Center and rise up to 50 meters in height on the Observation Tower to enjoy a panoramic view of the resort!

My hands were red all over after getting down from the Kids Power Tower. The first climb to the top was relatively easy but as the time went by and as the pulling action rendered me breathless and sweaty, it got harder and harder to pull myself up to the top after the third climb!



Tribal in theme, get ready to fire laser blasters at targets, brave the ancient Egyptian-themed landscape and get crazy wet in Dino Island. For your younger children who are not allowed to enjoy the bigger rides, direct them to Pharaoh's Revenge.



The Miniland captured me like no other. I was totally amazed by how they were able to recapture and build models of landmarks of Malaysia, Singapore and other Asian countries  through simple blocks of LEGO. The intricacy was amazing that I was left in awe by every single thing that my eye caught there. All was pure genius.


We were not able to go anymore to LEGO City because of time constraint. We had to catch our shuttle transfer by 2 PM from LEGOLAND Malaysia going to Hello Kitty Town. Because we were time-bounded then, we were forced to rush through each segment with haste and much needed gusto so as to cover all. Nonetheless, we were still defeated by the hugeness of the place.

If you have not been in any LEGOLAND Resort yet and are seeking for a modern family bonding filled with unparalleled fun and adventure when you happen to travel to either Malaysia or Singapore, I highly commend you to add LEGOLAND Malaysia Resort in your travel itinerary!


Tickets to Legoland Malaysia Resort's theme park is priced at MYR 140 for ages 12 to 59 yo and MYR 110 for children ages 3 to 11 yo and Seniors who are 60 years of age and above based on the price posted in Legoland Malaysia's website as of August 2, 2014.

Should you wish to avail a combo package including the tickets and transfer to and from the resort, you may book instead through Easibook.

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