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Pasay: Nemoto Japanese Restaurant

Pasay: Nemoto Japanese Restaurant

MANILA, PHILIPPINES - I love food, yes, whatever cuisine it may be. But like any other, I will always just have a favorite or two that I could not say no to whatever the circumstance may be. If you have been following my blog, you might have probably seen that posts about Japanese restaurants along with their cuisine take up most of my internet space. And that's recognizing the fact that I have never been to Japan just yet! I wonder how much will I eat when I visit the place! Anyway, thank you for restaurants like Nemoto, us Filipinos get to taste a little bit of Japan here in the country. Nemoto Japanese restaurant stands close to the intersection of Taft Avenue and Gil Puyat Avenue where the Gil Puyat LRT station stands. The facade is as unpretentious as it can get; if not for the red lanterns hanging outside, there would be a high probability that one will not notice the establishment at all. 

Special Mix Sushi (Php 450) Tuna, Salmon and California Maki

What Makes Nemoto Different From the Rest

Other than the unusual abundance of Hello Kitty items in the restaurant, the fresh taste of the raw seafoods was the other factor which got my attention. You just know that everything was fresh when even the California Maki tasted divine! And that is coming from someone who thinks that California Maki is the most overrated and uncreative Maki of all. And the Uni? Oh my, the Uni Sashimi is something to look forward to! Some Uni I had before tasted bitter and felt grainy on the tongue, but theirs was smooth, light and sweet! We also ordered the ever dependable Gyudon and Char Siu Don. The pork and beef were cooked to perfection that even those people who have no time to chew would praise and commend the tenderness and manageability of the meat. More laudable however are the sauces that were poured on top of the rice dishes!

Sashimi Moriawase (Php 308). Mix of Salmon, Tuna, Tamago, Shrimp, Crabsticks, Uni, Mackerel and Squid.

Other Food and Serving Sizes

The Pork Gyoza was made in such a way that eating would already overwhelm your taste buds. It was so compact and flavorful that a second Gyoza would already induce some symptoms of sensory overload. When it comes to serving though, the serving size falls short from the other Japanese restaurants that we came to love. Nonetheless, given its fairly lower price than the rest, Nemoto will still compare with the others out there. Further, if you are after the quality more than the quantity, this restaurant will always be a reasonable option from here on.

Pork Gyoza (Php 114.24)

Negitorodon (Php 250) Raw tuna sashimi as rice topping!

Gyudon (Php 192.64)

Char Siu Don (Php 180)

Miso Ramen (Php 212.80)



  • Address: Senator Gil Puyat Avenue, Pasay City (near Gil Puyat LRT Station)
  • Phone: +632 831 512

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