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Puerto Galera: Luca Cucina Italiana

Puerto Galera: Luca Cucina Italiana

ORIENTAL MINDORO, PHILIPPINES - I was able to go to Puerto Galera a couple of weeks ago with my friends and I could not be more excited about it since it was my very first time to go to the island! I have heard stories before about it and vicariously experienced the place through stories from my friends but this was the first time ever that I was able to set foot on it. What I vividly remember was them telling me that the waves are crazy going there so that was my main concern prior our trip; add to it the fact that it rained hard the day prior. But we were lucky that our water travel was amazing on the day of our trip! Mr. Sun was out and shining hard and it did not rain even just one drop when we were there. Thank you God for answering my endless prayers! I know how much I pestered You that week! The waves may still be big like what my friends told me but they feel minute now because of the large pump boats now making the rounds from the Batangas port to White Beach. Do not be surprised though when you could not see a white shoreline when the boat docks as the docking station for White Beach was diverted now to Muelle Pier, a 10-minute walk to the White Beach.

But us, we did not walk! We rented a multi-cab for Php 700 to take us, as the driver told us, to the endpoint of Puerto Galera to try out this lovely Italian restaurant at the end of the road. Luca Cucina Italiana is located in the quieter part of the tourist destination, overlooking a stunning view of the beach. We arrived in Luca a little after lunch time, about 1 pm so we were greeted by a jam-packed restaurant. Good thing Luca offers a 180-degree view of the amazing beach wherever you may be sitting as we were forced to take up a small table at the back of the establishment. The moment we settled down on our seats, we immediately ordered away! We got the Mozzarella in Carrozza for our appetizers and Seafood Marinara, Penne Amatriciana and their Lucas Pizza!

The Amatriciana (Php 280) should have been spicy but I did not catch any of that spiciness that the menu promised and the taste for me was a bit overpowering. But the Seafood Marinara (Php 320) was something else! I enjoyed every bit of it, down to its hefty size and the abundance of mussels, clams and squid. I tell you, the pasta had already been consumed but the bits of seafood were still there when we finished eating! I could not stomach wasting any food so I ate the leftovers in an instant.

The Mozzarella in Carrozza (Php 260) could pass up as an entree because of its very filling nature! How can it when the bread crumbs, stretchy cheese and french fries were all packed in just one dish! This is also very appropriate for tourists who are watchful on what they eat and are vegetarians. Last but not the least would be the pizza. We got the Lucas pizza (Php 400) primarily because of its name, which may have been the name of Luca's son or just a derivation from the famous name, secondary the toppings. You know that it is a restaurant's specialty if the dish was named to a person or better yet to an immediate family member! Meaty and packed, a batch of the Lucas can easily fill up in an instant a group of 4!


Food: The serving sizes I do not have any issue on as evidenced by the pictures. As for the taste, I enjoyed greatly the Seafood Marinara and the pizza, the rest are just enough to complement the two dishes. If you are contemplating though on getting a drink, take my advice on ordering the Mango Juice as it was refreshing and amazing!

Ambiance: You have a gorgeous view in front of you and you are dining in al fresco style, the wind is blowing out your hair and you are catching a whiff of the ambient air, what more ambiance could you ask for really?

Service: The service was kind of slow but we could forgive that because we enjoyed the food. I just hope that they add their servers as there had been a few times that we had to go to the counter to follow up our orders and requests just because they are too busy with the other customers.

Tabs: Php 300 per pax. Great for groups!



(add) Talipanan, Puerto Galera | (website) | (mobile) +63 916 4175125, +63 917 7925263


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