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Funtastic Day in Subic

SUBIC, PHILIPPINES -  A new attraction in Subic has opened on the last week of March and I am happy to say that we chanced upon it while we were aimlessly road tripping around Subic last month. With its bright, colorful exteriors, Funtastic will really get your unfailing attention. They were on their 3rd week when we went there, right in the smack of Holy Week, along with a lot of people and there could never have been a more perfect timing than when we went there!

The first activity that you will see there upon entering is the Mirror Maze. I am not fond of mirror mazes as they let my wild imagination wander to unreasonable places. I hate confined spaces and I always get worried I might not be able to find my way out and just get trapped inside those until I perish. Yes, yes, my fear is so out of place but what fear is not like that really? Anyway, I overcame it by taking comfort in knowing that my brothers and my nephew and nieces will be there with me and I am not the only one who will get trapped if ever (haha! What a very evil thing to say!).

Whoo! It was a good thing that the maze was manageable even for kids! I was really happy that it was just an easy ride. I was able to pass through it without my hands getting too sweaty and my heart palpitating to its peak!

Next is the 3D Forest! It is basically a room transformed as a magical forest by painting 3D drawings all over it! A 3D glass is given to be put on, prior entering, for you to enjoy the effect of the paintings inside.

Everything inside was bright and glowing you will feel you are really in the middle of an enchanted forest!

The Dark Room is actually a U-shaped, dark hallway filled with surprises! This pretty much resembles this raved-about activity in Hong Kong called Dialogue in the Dark that features a dark room that you have to navigate through and that lets you experience to be "blind" in an hour or so. This may be shorter and quicker than that but it still emerged as a humbling experience.

The Giant Room (I think that's what it was called) showcases stuffs related to big things and tall people. Here we are standing in front of a mugshot height chart of some tall people that we know such as Yao Ming (height: 7'6") and Lebron James (height: 6'8") and of course, the tallest person in history, Robert Wadlow, who towers at 8'11.1". My, that's humongous as compared to my ultra-petite physique of 5'1"!

There were also some artsy, fartsy 3D paintings circling the venue.

And lots of optical tricks like this!

I super enjoyed posing at the Ames room because it made me look like a giant!

We topped our visit at Funtastic by jumping our hearts out in this trampoline! I think it is great sometimes to let yourself be carefree and just enjoy like how kids do. I never knew how exhausting jumping in the trampoline was until we stopped and got out of it. It was pure bliss!

Funtastic caters to the whole family; from grandparents to little kids, in whatever age range they may belong, I am sure that everyone will have a great, family bonding time here. I deeply believe that we all have a childlike nature in all of us and we need to let it out and have unadulterated fun from time to time. Only by letting it go and keeping it wild can we truly keep in touch with our true selves and have a clear vision of what it is that matters really in life. Relax, shake our stresses off our system and do not take life too seriously. Laugh and play hard whenever you can as these totally beat to the pulp any massages, therapy or stress-relieving methods there may be out there!



(add) Subic Bay Freeport Zone, Zambales | (phone) 047 250 3099

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