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Subic: Meat Plus Cafe

SUBIC, PHILIPPINES - To anyone who has already gone to Subic, I bet you are all familiar with this small-turned-humongous cafe standing in the middle of it. For those who already did go to Subic but had not chanced upon this place when they were there, why oh why have you not?? First of all, it is hard to miss it because of the throng of people flocking the place day in and day out.  Second, this restaurant is common knowledge here! You just can't leave Subic without eating at this place, or at the very least knowing about it or passing through it during your stay.

Other than the fact that this restaurant fueled our growing bodies, we particularly love Meat Plus because of its big servings but very affordable prices. If you can't have a lovely piece of steak here in Manila for less than 1000 pesos, here you can eat all the steak you want without leaving a dent on your wallet! As for the serving size, oh my, it is a complete understatement if I I say that their serving size could easily satisfy two average Juans with average appetites; one Meat Plus meal equals to two typical meals! Although we love every meal and dish that they have here, from their steaks to their burgers to the cakes, we cannot help but order a few favorites whenever we are here. Here are just a few of them:

Combo 8 BBQ Pork Ribs without the Java Rice (Php 235)

Tenderlon Steak (Php 280)

The Tenderloin Steak is the worst cut of steak ever because of its absence of fat. However, I was assured by my nephew that this particular steak is juicy that he completely forgot he was eating a Tenderloin steak!

Seaburger with Fries (Php 175)

We do not normally order burgers with patty made of fish meat but since it was Holy Week when we visited Meat Plus, two of us just had to pass up the opportunity to devour meat.

Salmon Steak (Php 315)

The Salmon Steak is my ultimate favorite. It is seldom that I order any other meal when I am here. It has to be this baby and nothing else!

Potato Skins (Php 60)

A plate (or two) of the potato skin is a must-order! My brother can live without ordering the other dishes but not this, absolutely not this. He is always disappointed whenever they run out of potato skin that he makes it a point to try and go back another day here just to appease his cravings! This is our ultimate junk food whenever we are here!

How about you? Do you have a favorite restaurant in your hometown?



(add) 6 Sampson Rd. Olongapo City, Zambales | (phone) +6347 252 6096

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