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Hi! I am Lav.

Welcome to my creative portfolio. I document my adventures and snapshots in travel, style and food here. Take your time to explore and hope you have a nice stay!

Simple, Colorful Joys

I am currently obsessed with swimming! I am not sure how it started but I just find myself craving to take a dip in a pool almost every now and then lately. Maybe because it was already summer and the weather is getting pretty hot and unbearable by the day which made me look for something that could make me feel refreshed or maybe simply because I was looking for something that could break the monotony of my daily life. Whichever it may be, I can say that it is working for me both ways!

This yellow board here is my current, swimming best buddy. I am partly being sarcastic here since using this makes my legs ache like crazy after just doing a few laps! Nonetheless, I still love it since it helps me make my kick stronger and faster and my leg muscles more toned, which I do feel now each time I run my hands through my quadriceps!

Next swimming tool to buy are hand paddles!

After we swam, we grabbed a drink from Happy Lemon. I ordered the Lemon Special Cooler which I thought was a healthier choice than the other drinks that they do offer there. Good thing I trusted my gut since I ended up loving the drink! It is very refreshing, addicting and very apt for the summer season! Yes, it may taste like your homemade lemonade but a tad better!

Come afternoon, we drove all the way to the North to attend a children's birthday party. The place was literally packed with every hue of pink and purple that you can imagine and a lot of candy goodies that made me instantaneously reminisce on my younger years! We chanced upon a cotton candy cart at the corner of the party place, and we just went gaga over it! And here is why.

As kids, my brothers and I had never been spoiled by our parents. I remember my mom and lola waking up in the wee hours of the morning to prepare our lunch and meriendas so that we do not have to buy anymore food in our canteen. Needless to say, my mom still gives us Php 20 week-long allowance, which serves as an add-on for us to buy any food that we would like to try. Since I already have packed meriendas, I most of the time choose to just save up the money instead. But of course, there are still instances that I could not help myself but be envious of my classmates who can buy a pack of junk food and coke for their merienda, which is why I sometimes use up a small chunk of my allowance and let myself succumb on my desires. I remember taking 2 pesos from my 20-peso weekly allowance for that particular week and scouring the stretch of stalls in front of our school for something that could fit my budget. (Yes, I already do know how to budget then!) I ended up buying only just a handful of candies since I found out that 2 pesos will never be enough to buy a pack of junk food, a bowl of lomi nor a bottle of softdrink. Much more a plastic of cotton candy for that matter! Cotton candy back then is a luxury so seeing the cart and knowing that we could get unlimited servings of it made me extra giddy inside. I even took a plastic to take home with!

I just love how cotton candies melt in your mouth! We also like to ball it up first before we put it in our mouth! This makes every bite of the cotton candy overly and crazily sweet.

Who could ever forget those smooth milk chocolates that are so addicting you do not even notice that you have already unwrapped and ate a lot? Eggheads are like that! I do not remember seeing Eggheads when I was a kid so I finally concluded that this is a fairly new brand of chocolates. To better explain, its consistency is of the same level as our beloved Goya gold coins that our generation grew up with!

Ahhh, simple joys of life! 

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