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Hi! I am Lav.

Welcome to my creative portfolio. I document my adventures and snapshots in travel, style and food here. Take your time to explore and hope you have a nice stay!

Where am I?

Hi, guys! You may be wondering why I am not able to regularly update these past few weeks my blog and that is because I am currently travelling to 9 different cities/towns across 5 different countries in Europe and it has been an amazing experience so far. I could not wait to share with you my experiences and what immense joy I am experiencing now but these past week had been equally tedious emotionally and physically for me because of a few reasons.

Considering that we flew 7 timezones back (we departed from the Philippines and stopped over in Abu Dhabi to catch another flight to Munich), I was only able to overcome jetlag yesterday! That's 5 freaking days already into our trip! I tell you that it had not been an easy feat. There were a lot of instances that I tried hard to edit travel photos that I captured for that day and write a little after getting back to our hotel and maybe post some afterwards but I soon find myself giving up and just curling up in bed and dozing off until 3 to 4 am in the morning. I thought I would be able to conquer jet lag easily but clearly, it had been a hard thing for me. I'd like to think that I was not able to do it not because of my lack of determination to get into the job at hand but it was more like that the will is intact but the body can't do it any longer.

Travelling is also tedious for me mostly because of the conscious effort I put in dealing with the different people, who by the way came from different nations, I encountered during the trip. Of course, if you try to do that everyday it would be inevitable to reach your limit that is why instead of adjusting to all of them, I have learned that it is just better to just be yourself!

Also, this has been my first white Christmas experience and we had been very blessed to experience snow outside in most days! But it was only now that I knew how hassle and heavy it was to put on two layers of warmers, 2 blouses, a pair of pants and a jacket finally topped with a humongous, puffy coat just so you'd be able to combat the below freezing temperature outside! Ha! It was so tiring since you have to drag the weight with you for the whole day! I could not really decipher how calm and posh can they, the Europeans, still seem even after they put on so much! They are really masters at this.

Oh well, I am not complaining! I signed up for all of these and I know well that these are all part of the fun of travelling. Bye for now, folks! And see you soon when I get back to my reality!

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