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Hi! I am Lav.

Welcome to my creative portfolio. I document my adventures and snapshots in travel, style and food here. Take your time to explore and hope you have a nice stay!

Blowing Smoke in The Iscreamist

METRO MANILA, PHILIPPINES. The Iscreamist is an ice cream parlor unlike any other. Why? For one, it uses UV fluorescent as its light so it has this blue ambiance inside that makes it hard to take a good picture unless you use flash photography. Next would be the flash-freezing of their ice cream delights with the use of liquid nitrogen which is kind of cool specially if it is your first time to try it!

I have been hearing a lot of great things about The Iscreamist but we still arrived in there without any preconceived expectations that is why I was taken off guard when we stepped inside the establishment to see blue all over. My gosh, I was literally fumbling on my camera, fumbling on its settings to find that perfect one that could negate all these blue but to no avail! Anyway, it did not matter as I know I could always just edit the photos when I get back home.

The tables are all occupied and there was a long line already in front of the cashier when we arrived but we still persisted since we are more up for the experience. Because of common courtesy from the diners, it did not take long before all the people before us had already ordered and took up their seats.

It's already our turn and we just could not immediately decide what to get! Although the menu is very straightforward we still wanted to find that one that we really like. My friend, Cick, and I settled for cream-based ice cream, Red Velvet and Nutella while my other friend Jhe went for an order of the coffee-based ice cream Oreo Cookie. Of course, despite the warning in the counter about the Dragon's Breath about it causing freeze-burns and is extremely cold, we still could not NOT get it! For goodness sake, we saw kids munching on it while we wait in line. We do not have any reason not to try it!

4 pieces of Smores (Php 68) accompanied by a smokey glass of Liquid Nitrogen

4 pieces of Smores (Php 68) accompanied by a smokey glass of Liquid Nitrogen

We had a super fun time eating the Smores! Just dip the sticks of Smores in the cup of liquid nitrogen. You know that the nitrogen is doing its work when you could hear a gargling or boiling-like sound when you dip the stick in the cup. Wait for about a few seconds and remove it from the cup! Eat it with caution and guide the smoke to where you want it to go out! You can snort the smoke through your nose like a dragon or simply exhale it through your mouth like what smokers do. Super fun!

Cream-based Red Velvet (Php 153/scoop)

Cream-based Red Velvet (Php 153/scoop)

Cream-based Nutella (Php 153/scoop)

Cream-based Nutella (Php 153/scoop)

Their ice creams were soo good! Just don't get too caught up taking a picture of your very unique ice cream in a bowl as they melt easily!

If you want to have a new ice-cream experience that you and your friends/family would definitely enjoy, head on to The Iscreamist as I assure you of a different kind of fun that you will talk about with one another and with anyone you will meet on the days and months to come!



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