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Celebrating BAGA Manila's 3rd Year Anniversary

Celebrating BAGA Manila's 3rd Year Anniversary

METRO MANILA, PHILIPPINES. Congratulations to BAGA Manila for celebrating their 3rd year anniversary last November 14 and 15! I am no first-timer in BAGA Manila but it was my first time to experience the new BAGA at their new location. I was still able to visit their A. Venue, Makati location for about three times, I think, before they transferred to Lakefront in Sucat, Muntinlupa City last April of this year. BAGA Manila is a food night market especially dedicated to barbecuers and grillers hence the name: BAGA = BArbecuers and Grillers Association. However, even though stalls are mostly dedicated to them, there were still a number of stalls given to other food concessionaires just to establish and encourage some variety. 

So, what's new? What makes BAGA Manila more special now more than ever? Well for one is the location. I love their new location as it is more chillax, cooler and more open unlike in the parking lot of A. Venue before. Second would be the new payment system established by the organizers. The stalls would not accept your money anymore. You have to exchange it first to food stubs corresponding to the amount you want to be exchanged. So, let's say you have Php 300 with you, you have to approach first the ticketing booth to have your money exchanged to food stubs worth the same amount. In case you would not be able to consume all, no worries! Just keep the stub in good shape (do not get them wet!) and you will be able to get back the unused stubs in peso. I super like the concept as it is more organized and you do not have to pull out your wallet everytime you will order food in a stall anymore. There is no more scrambling in your bag to get money and no more money getting lost or anything! Also, I find it more hygienic!

You can never run out of options because of the number of stalls there is in BAGA Manila. Other than the grilled items, they also have meals, seafood, pica-pica, desserts, cakes, drinks and many more to satisfy whatever it is that you are craving at the moment. Me? I got some lechon meal, toasted siopao (6 pcs), 1 carton pack of squid fillet and fried Isaw and 1 big Buko Juice to flush down all that I had eaten with my mom. That's a lot right? But guess what! I only paid Php 500 for all of them. Just wow. Not to mention, the quality of all the food that we ordered is great! They were all delicious. You know how sometimes it gets to the point where food become the same in taste? Well, it would not be a problem in BAGA Manila as they have some tasteful and amazing stuffs there that you will catch your attention and really love.

The 3rd year anniversary of BAGA Manila had been an eventful celebration because of the fun contests like the beer pong tournament, longest-isaw eating contest, longest kebab eating contest (see how long the stick this man in the photo below is holding? That's the kebab!), burger-eating contest, a BAGA boodle fight competition and many more in which the winner gets some stub he/she can use to add on to his/her budget for the night! Also, there were shows and acts onstage all through the night that kept the liveliness and party-atmosphere as the night wore on.

All in all, BAGA Manila is a nice place to drink at, eat at and enjoy the night at with your friends and loved ones. It offers some delicious food, lots of options, a conducive place to chill out and throw those blues away and a nice al fresco environment that will let you appreciate the outdoors and the night sky more. What more is that it is also open throughout the night! So should you find yourself itching to go out on a Friday or a Saturday while the night is still young, do not forget that you have BAGA Manila up your sleeve! Being there is already an experience in itself!



  • Address: Lakefront, Sucat, Muntinlupa City
  • Facebook: /BAGAManila

Flatter My Senses was invited and welcomed as a guest by BAGA Manila to take part on the celebration of their 3rd year anniversary. However, all opinions written here about the dishes, the experienceand the establishment are my own.

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