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Cravings' 'Fresh Picks', Here to Please

Cravings' 'Fresh Picks', Here to Please

METRO MANILA, PHILIPPINES. The weekend is here again and I know there are a lot of you who are still looking for something new to do and try out. Well, I got something up my sleeve for those who are on the lookout for some nice and healthy thing to do, and I know this might shock you but it involves eating buffet!

"Oh come on! Buffet?? How can that be? That's the most unhealthy thing ever!", I hear some of you are saying now and I know most of you would not believe me but I tell you that the unlikely combination is possible with Fresh Picks!

Fresh Picks weekend buffet is Cravings' ongoing promotion in its 3 flagship branches in Katipunan, Shangri-La Plaza Mall and Molito. With a variety of dishes and food offerings prepared using freshly picked ingredients from farm to table, you can be assured that you are consuming the best vegetables out there. The buffet is actually a soup-salad-Mongolian buffet rolled into one and to add to the fun, you also get to choose one grilled item, rice included, from the available options on that day. Since the ingredients are highly dependent on what's in season at a given moment, you can be assured that you will never have the exact same experience and options during your visits. There would be times that they will have Pork Steak, Salmon with Malunggay Sauce, Two Pieces of Prawns, Chicken ala Pobre, Stuffed Squid or T-bone Steak in the menu to complete your experience but I tell you now that you can only expect and anticipate since their menu is very dependent on the season.

The dressings and sauces are love, love, love! I ultimately enjoyed the Citrus Vinaigrette as the sour and citrusy taste of it blended well for me. It was a perfect match, too, for the vegetables!

The Liver Patte was the winner for me among these three! I am a huge fan of liver patte and I have tasted a lot of versions already but this one truly stuck with me and it also served as a validation for my love for it!

They do offer Unlimited juice but if you are more of a coffee person, then Cravings has Di Bella coffee to satisfy that!

Pick anything you like from the table for your Mongolian and pile them up on your bowl! Go as crazy as you'd like to be. Just make sure that you can finish it all!

After you have populated your bowl and have placed some toppings and sauce on it, you can already give it to the designated chef for cooking! He will give you a number corresponding to your Mongolian creation and you just have to wait for it on your seat since the waiter will just deliver it to you.

You can already pick one grilled item you'd like to have so they can also prepare it for you while you wait for your own Mongolian bowl creation to be cooked. Sometimes, they'll be able to deliver both to you at the same time!

I was so excited when my Mongolian bowl had arrived! It was just a little bit salty for me as I had put too much Teriyaki Sauce on it. So I advise everyone to be wary on the amount of Terikyaki Sauce that they are planning to put to their creations. A small dollop of the sauce would already get you far!

I chose the Chicken Kebab over the Cream Dory, Two Pieces of Prawns and Burger Steak because Kebab is one of the many things I could not say no to. Loved how tender and compact the chicken was!

And to end your healthy meal, I think having a cake would not be so bad of an idea! Life is all about balance after all, so why not, right? Cravings has a lot of amazing cakes up on display but the best one for me was the Chocolate Caramel. It was so rich and creamy and its sweetness not overbearing! It was really just the perfect meal-ender.

The buffet only runs during the weekends at Php 550/head. If you are money savvy, you may also avail of the Fresh Picks weekend buffet by availing of some pre-selling coupons (Php 495/head) or reserving your slots in advance (Php 500/head, for a minimum of 4 persons).

If I was able to tickle your fancy and are now itching to book seats the earliest time possible, you may refer to below details to inquire, reserve in advance or just simply walk-in! Happy weekend and happy healthy eating, everyone!




  • Address: 287 Cravings Center Katipunan Avenue, Loyola Heights, Quezon City
  • Phone: +632 441 6529
  • Facebook:


  • Address: 5/L Shangri-la Plaza Mall, Mandaluyong City
  • Phone: +632 635 6088


  • Address: El Molito Bldg., Madrigal Avenue, Alabang, Muntinlupa
  • Phone: +632 556 0927

Flatter My Senses was invited and welcomed as a guest by Cravings. However, all opinions written here about the dishes and the establishment are my own.

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