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Mall of Asia: Modern Shanghai

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MANILA, PHILIPPINES - In lieu of Grandparent's Day, we treat Nanang (our grandma) to a lovely and filling dinner. Since we are craving for some dimsum and dumplings, we march towards Modern Shanghai which is a fairly new restaurant standing in the visitor-packed and largest mall in the Philippines, SM Mall of Asia.

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Modern contemporary in style with some wood accents, the restaurant has a very simple yet cozy atmosphere that is very conducive for a family dinner.

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I have always believed that a visit to a Chinese restaurant will never be complete without an order of their signature Xiao Long Bao (Php 198), which we start off with. Hot and steaming when served in your table, you can only relish the goodness of a Xiao Long Bao when you place it in your mouth whole. Gently put the dumpling in a Chinese spoon, place it near your lips, gently blow it until temperature becomes bearable for you, open wide your expecting mouth and devour it like there's no tomorrow! A bite will already be enough to ooze out the soupy goodness trapped in the dumplings. Feel the flavors burst in your mouth and dance in your mind to celebrate the goodness of it! Yes, that's what I do to not get any violent reactions and weird looks from the people sitting in the nearby tables.

To complement the flavors of your Xiao Long Bao, you can create a nice and strong mix of the black vinegar with ginger sauce for you to dip your Xiao Long Bao on.

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See how soupy the insides are? That's the exact depiction of what you will miss when you let that Xiao Long Bao tear and break in front of your eyes.

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The Mushroom and Vegetable Dumplings (Php 108) is a healthier alternative if you want to skip on your pork intake. Still the same soupy goodness inside, I think all their dumplings was placed with aspic inside which proves to be very favorable for me.

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The Pan Fried Pork Dumplings (Php 158) is just like any other Gyoza in the metro but only that their dumplings are bigger in size, crunchier at the bottom and juicier inside which captured my hungry heart in a beat. So delish!

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The Sauteed Egg White with Fish Meat (Php 348) was light on the first few bites. Do not be fooled by the whiteness of this viand though. The dish is very filling that we had a hard time finishing this up. I love how the salty fish meat complements the bland egg white but when the oiliness of the dish creeps in towards the end, it then becomes a chore to munch on the last few bites.

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We ordered the Deep Fried FIsh with Spicy Fish Sauce  (Php 248) minus the spiciness since we are not in the mood to eat something hot. Melt-in-your-mouth in the inside and crunchy on the outside, this dish may look like your typical Sweet and Sour fish fillet but the slight saltiness will take you aback and instantaneously differentiate itself from the former once tasted.

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Now this is the best part of the meal for me! The Fried Rice with Garlic (Php 178) was simply the bomb! Fit for a party of 3, an order of this rice/dish rolled into one will surely alleviate your food enthusiast status to your friends! I simply guarantee that you will not lose face to them once you have them savour it! I could not expound further on how I fell head over heels with this dish but I assure you that the amount you will pay is overly and definitely well worth it!

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Stay away from the Signature Shanghai Fried Noodles (Php 258) if you still can because it will just disappoint your expecting taste buds. Yes, you can wallow all day due to its drabness but hey, you could not anymore take back that specific moment you have decided to order it. Tastes like noodles with vegetables and a little bit of meat simply submerged in soy sauce, I hope Modern Shanghai reevaluates the word "Signature" in its name because it didn't at all taste Signature to me; and because I also think that they have other lovely dishes far more worthy of that promise. Anyway, you have been warned!

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We do not normally order drinks in a restaurant because we believe that it is unnecessary but we could not pass up the opportunity to try one of their drool-worthy Signature drinks, served in 1-litre pitchers, in their menu. We went for the Watermelon Kick (Php 248) mainly because of its cool name and secondly because of the nice mix of watermelon, lemon, orange and pineapple in it. This drink is very refreshing, I tell you!

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Nanang very much enjoyed the dishes that we ordered in the restaurant, and we likewise did! A nice break from all the default fried stuffs that we have for baon on weekdays, Chinese cuisine really offers dishes that are palate-cleansing and delicious! Modern Shanghai also delivered beyond our expectations! The staff assigned in our table was also kind enough to greet Nanang for the occasion! How thoughtful of them. I will definitely go back here, even just for the yummy Fried Rice with Garlic.



 (add) 2/F SM Mall of Asia, North Wing, Pacific Drive, Manila Bay Reclamation Area, Pasay City | (facebook) /ModernShanghaiPhilippines | (phone) +632 5511110

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