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Paseo de Magallanes: Park Avenue Desserts' Rise of the Hybrid

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MANILA, PHILIPPINES - Sweets, sweets, sweets! I always have this fondness for sweet pickings. Regularly do I eat them, especially when I was still a little girl! From candies, cakes, chocolates to ice cream, I always get excited whenever there is an abundance of which at home. Maybe that was the main reason why I don a 30-inch waistline when I was in my 3rd grade and maybe that is also the reason why I lost a tooth in the process. But of course, as you grow older you learn to control your sweet intake. You sacrifice some things to attain other things. From being a source of excitement and bliss, sweets now for me are guilty pleasures!

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Tucked in-between shops in the unheeded Paseo de Magallanes, Park Avenue Desserts tickled my curiosity as they are offering a lot of hybrid desserts. An unpretentious shop with a homey and shabby chic interior which is very conducive for a quiet talk and catching up with your girlfriends, this shop offers a lot of amazing sweet treats that will get you addicted.

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Aside from desserts, they also offer full meals like pasta and sandwiches just in case the desserts do not prove to be enough for your hungry tummy. 

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Since we came here just for the desserts, we started with the Brioche Pudding (Php 130). Delicious and light in texture, do not get surprised if this treat is gone in a blink of an eye. Complementing with a drizzle of caramel syrup and a dollop of whip cream, I suggest that you eat the pudding in-house to have a complete experience of the dessert. Not to mention that it is yummier when it has just been heated!

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Round and crusty, the Kouing Aman (Php 50) is filling for the tummy. Derived from the Breton words kouign, which means cake, and amann, which translates to butter, you now have an idea what to expect out of the dessert.

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They also have their own version of the crazily famous Cronuts (Php 85)!

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I personally loved their Cronuts because the authenticity of eating a donut is still there. Crunchy on the outside like a croissant and soft in the inside like a donut, PAD's version of the cronut is delightful and not messy to eat unlike its other counterparts.

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They also offer Macarons (Php 45), Chocolate pralines (Php 50) and other chocolate goodies for your taking.

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Super cute heart emoticons and skull-shaped pralines which are very good for your themed-parties. 

I just fell in love with the shabby chic details like the crocheted coasters and faux flowered pots decorated with meringue-like flowers. 

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One of the hybrids that they also have is the Crotap (Php 80). Flattened version of a Cronut, the Crotap also seems to be a crunchier version of the beloved Filipino delicacy, Otap

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And last but not the least is the Brookies (Php 180). One of the specialty hybrid foods that Chef Buddy came up with, the brookie is one treat that can only be found and enjoyed in Park Avenue Desserts. A delicious and tempting hybrid of a chocolate chip cookie on top and a brownie for its base, brookie is an instant hit for sweet lovers because of its two-in-one, sickeningly sweet goodness! The package also comes with a warning note that Park Avenue Desserts will not be held responsible for any addiction that Brookies might cause in the process. Do not tell me that you have not been warned!

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Because of the regular emergence of hybrid foods like this, it becomes harder and harder by the day to shun off eating and indulging on sweet treats. I do not know what it will do to my diet but hey, I could always sacrifice a pound or two just to have a taste of this sinfully good and new offerings in the market once in a while!



(add) #7 G/F MagaCenter, Paseo de Magallanes Commercial Center, Makati City | (facebook) /ParkAvenueDesserts | (phone) +632 8526141

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