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Marikina: Mang Frederick's BBQ


MARIKINA, PHILIPPINES - We, Pinoys, love to eat anything grilled (inihaw)! This love extends to all parts of the Philippines as evidenced by the number of grilling stations that we can see in every street and neighborhood there is in the country. These grilling stations have already form part of our systems; they are there when we are growing up, they are the first things that come to mind when we need a pick-me-up, when we are craving for something simple for a merienda treat or when we want to satisfy our hunger without being bothered to find a restaurant to eat at. Since it was a holiday, we find an excuse to traverse to Marikina to try this infamous barbecue joint that has lately found its way to mainstream media, that offers various grilled delights that are truly notches higher and more delicious than its counterparts.


Dubbed as Marikina's finest, Mang Frederick's BBQ has been operating for almost half a century now. Established by the father of the household, this joint has been a constant stopover of Marikenyos and tourists alike even after he turned over the business to the next generation. When a friend who lives in Marikina for quite some time now told me it was simply the best, I became more determined to try out their offerings.


Mang Frederick's BBQ sells the typical: Barbecue, Isaw (chicken intestines), Balat (pig's skin), Tenga (pig's ears) and Liver for only Php 10 per stick. If you want something that is bigger and more apt for a family meal, they also offer Liempo and Chicken for Php 60. It is jampack when we got there. There is a long line of people waiting to place their order on the left side and people who are ready to sink their teeth on the meat on the right side. We immediately joined the people on the left side!

This is how people get their fix. Orders at Mang Frederick's are always by the bulk!

This is how people get their fix. Orders at Mang Frederick's are always by the bulk!

After a rather long time of falling in line, we then get our chance to order. We are planning to get 4 sticks of each kind, also thinking that we should get more of the Isaw, but are completely devastated upon knowing that only Barbecue and Balat were left! Nonetheless, we grabbed what we can and ended up with 12 sticks each of the Barbecue and the Balat. A clear indication that this is not the last time that we will be here, our orders proved to be sufficient for now.

While passing time, we grabbed the chance to talk to the people who are also waiting with us. Next to us in line is Tita Anna. A foodie herself, her family also travels to different parts of the metro just to try new restaurants and to taste the different cuisine and dishes that the metro has to offer. She happily walks us through her foodtrips, giddily showing us one by one almost all of her captured photos in her iPhone of the foods that she has eaten and the facade of the restaurants she has visited. While going through her album, a hunger-inducing photo captured our attention! The photo has this plateful of pansit topped with crunchy-looking and heart-attack-ensuing Bagnet! After asking her for directions and the contact number of the place, we knew immediately then where our next destination will be! Thanks to tita Anna, we did not notice that the sun has already set and we are already waiting for more than an hour then when we heard them calling our name!

The barbecue is reaaally delicious! No wonder people will travel for miles and flock in here from various places. Having no after taste, their meat is compact and succulent. I do not know what they smeared it with or soaked it to but the meat has this steak-y texture into it that you may feel you are munching on real steak but only on skewers. There is also that hint of addicting liver taste on it that makes the meat stronger in the palate. You just got to try it!



(add) 165 E. Dela Paz St. San Roque, Marikina City | (phone) +632 646 8417 | (facebook) /MangFredericksBBQ 

Directions from C5: Traverse Marcos Highway and look for a U turn slot to get to the other side of the road. When you are already on the other side, keep right and turn right on Ditchoy Streetleft on Liamzon, right upon reaching dead end (Dragon), left on Santisima/Bangkilya, turn right on the third street (nameless). Go straight as this will lead you to Shoe Avenue. From there, go straight and turn left on V. Gomez and turn right (finally!) on to E. De La Paz.

Anyway if you know another direction that is more accessible and easier to follow, you may share it to me so that I may also share it with the others!

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