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Bonifacio Global City: Mad for Garlic

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I cannot deny the fact that I love the taste of garlic! Some people may shy away from it, but me, I simply could not resist it! I just love how garlic balances the taste of everything and how it makes a meal interesting to the palate! However, you have to make peace with the consequence of having garlicky breath afterwards. But hey, what's a garlicky breath if you have nice dishes in front of you to consume and devour! Mad for Garlic is a new restaurant conveniently situated in W Global Center, a building that is just three cartwheels away from the lengthy Bonifacio High Street and is a house of some of the new restaurants to date.

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If not for my love of garlic, I would have just passed by this establishment because of its very posh and fine-dining look! It may look Intimidating from the outside because of its glassy facade and the stack of wine bottles seen through those glass walls but do not be easily deceived as this place is just as playful as it gets. A big outline of garlic on the doors, garlands of garlic hanging on the walls, garlic wreaths and garlic-shaped lampposts are just some of the things that would get your undivided attention and would let you feel, aside from its name, that this is truly a house of garlic.

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We started the meal with this most recommended Dracula Killer (Php 195) which consists of soft slices of garlic bread with cloves of garlic cooked in olive oil and anchovies. The crunchy side of the garlic bread is already a treat in itself but to top it off with those tasty cloves of garlic makes the experience even more magical. I actually had second thoughts if I should put a whole clove in my mouth since I have not done it yet ever but with a little push from the waitress and for the sake of trying new things I did it and not regret it! The taste did not remind me at all of the fact that I was actually munching on garlic!

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Trust me, you would not hesitate to get a second serving of this!

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This Grilled Chicken Mushroom Risotto (Php 395) cooked with spinach and mushroom and topped with grilled chicken was good! The serving may not be that much but a bite or two were already enough to overwhelm our taste buds. The rice may be powerful but I think the chicken should had been better. Nonetheless, the tenderness of the chicken was already enough to compensate what was lacking.

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The Crab and Lobster Pasta (Php 475) was a hit! The cuts of the crab and lobster surely complemented and tamed the should-have-been overwhelming and satiating taste of the creamy (on the verge of being milky) sauce.

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The Garlic Snowing PIzza (Php 545) was literally covered with garlic! I did not know until then that garlic, shrimp and chunks of pineapple would go so well together!

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Rolling inward a slice of Gorgonzola Pizza (Php 475) and dipping it to the bowl of honey is the way to enjoy and consume it!

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Spicy to bits, the Garlic Sizzling Rice (Php 425) is rather large as compared to the other dishes in the restaurant. What I love about Mad for Garlic is that the declared spiciness in the menu is always consistent with the actual. It does not alter or decrease the intensity of the spiciness, in any way, just to make it more compatible to the palate of the Filipino. If it says in the menu that spiciness level is 3, expect that your nostrils will flare upon eating the food!

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For garlic lovers out there, you have Mad for Garlic as an option now! I really enjoyed my experience at Mad for Garlic and with that it is a surefire thing that I will come back again. Maybe I will try then their dessert offerings the next time I am around! I can see now that it will be a battle between their homemade Cheesecake or the Garlic Sprinkle Gelato!



(add) W Global Center, 30th Street corner 9th Avenue, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig | (web) | (facebook) \MadforGarlicPhilippines | (phone) +632 8089517

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