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Bonifacio Global City: Recovery Food

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Are you planning to pull an all-nighter in your office to finish some workload? Well, well, well, I present to you your best bet for a companion during a late-night or an all-night stay at your Bonifacio Global City office.

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So this is Recovery Food! Neatly tucked in a building beside that humongous Starbucks place with drive-thru and just across the football field in Bonifacio Global City, this restaurant can easily be missed out by the naked eye. Open 24/7, Recovery Food offers hassle-free and unassuming comfort foods that are sure to revive and recharge you after a mind-numbing meeting with your clients or during that extensive project that you are working on that deserves much mind, soul, time and attention you hardly have time to get up and do some stretching!

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Established and operated by the owner of Mamou, this restaurant promises you of a good food and experience that prove to be unforgettable to its core. Smaller, simpler and a lot cheaper than Mamou, Recovery Food offers Filipino breakfast treats with an option for the regular or a healthier alternative.


You can either have your meal with white or brown rice depending on your diet preference. Also, you can either opt for a full-recovery meal or half-recovery meal depending on your appetite and "battle" needs to go through with the task you are facing at that moment.

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Coming first in the menu list, the Happy Beef Rice (Php 160-Half / Php 290-Full) tops them all for a reason. The tender beef toppings served with their special Beef Rice concoction will surely be appreciated by those who have a sweet palate. 

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Aptly called Tapa de Morning (Php 180-Half, Php 260-Full), their homemade and juicily-cooked tapa served with either a scrambled or fried egg, ensalada and rice will surey turn anytime of the day to morning!

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The Alfonsorizo (Php 160-Half, Php 290-Full)  on the other hand proves to be the sweetest of them all as brought about by the sweet, Chinese chorizo and the equally sweet organic rice.

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This meal with the tender brined pork fillets with organic Petchay rice is called Porkqua (Php 195-H, Php 280-F). The soaked meat in salty water was a sure hit as the taste of the overwhelming and satiating pork was balanced out by the brine. The combination did not work out for me though, I am not sure why, but may be if I had just foregone the brown rice and stuck instead with the white rice, the overall taste of the dish might have been a knock out. For my readers who have already tried this, share with me your experiences and thoughts!

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Let us not forget the Happy Chicken Rice (Php 155-H / Php 285-F) which included a special concoction of their chicken rice topped with cubed chicken. This dish ended up tasting like the Happy Beef Rice meal, just with chicken!

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The Sagolaman (Php 75) was really comforting as it actually reminded me of my childhood! Everytime my lola visited Ilocos (my birthplace), she would always make it a point to bring back home this big jar of yummy-tasting brown sugar, called tagapulot, that we like to munch on during merienda. As I grew up, I eventually came to know that the tagapulot actually came from molasses, a viscous by-product of the refining of sugarcane into sugar! Upon tasting the Sagolaman, I immediately knew that the main ingredient was the tagapulot that we have come to love when were still kids!

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The restaurant can really get very cramped on peak hours as it only has 5 booths lined up inside that could accommodate about 6 people max each. If you see the restaurant to be as cramped as this, do not go and drive away just yet as Recovery Food lets you recover from your car! Just order the food of your liking, ask it to be served in your car and munch away via their designated car trays. Now how genius is that?

Recovery Food is really a restaurant that I would go back to whenever I am craving for a breakfast delight in the middle of the night!



(add) G/F Crossroads 32nd St. corner 8th Ave., Bonifacio Global City, Taguig | (facebook) /RecoveryFood | (phone) +632 5117312, +632 9662064 | (mobile) +63917 8682668 

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