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Kapitolyo: Rub Ribs

Kapitolyo: Rub Ribs

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Rub Ribs is one of those restaurants sitting along East Capitol Drive in Kapitolyo, Pasig. Weeks prior, we actually passed by the restaurant while we were looking for a place to eat but we were turned off to see the long line outside since our tummies were already growling from starvation.

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Simple and cozy, the place would pass as a great tambayan place after work or class hours. Reserve your seats in one of the booths lined up at the end of the restaurant if you can since they are very comfortable to sit on and are very conducive for a large group wanting to get cozy with each other! Of course, if you are only two and there are larger groups waiting to be seated, then please have the initiative (and decency) to just give the booth to them!

One thing that you would also notice upon entering through the doorway would be the colorful and vibrant posters dominating the walls. Pictures of infamous people with their quotable quotes, these would definitely keep you occupied while you are waiting for your order.

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If it is still not evident, Rub's specialty is these slab of ribs called Raki's BBQ ribs (Php 685/370/205) marinated in and cooked with their special sauce! You could choose the serving size depending on who are you with since they are offering three variants of it. Since there were six of us, we ordered the Family brunch which consists of 4 slabs of ribs, 3 side dishes and bbq ranch sauce which I believe is not anymore necessary since the ribs are flavourful and smoky in itself! The meat practically flakes off the bones! Also a surprise are the breaded fries which gives a different and interesting texture to a rather ordinary fries. This is best dipped on the ranch sauce served with the ribs.

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The Rub Beef (Php 290) is better cut with your teeth than a knife! This tender and juicy beef viand is paired with toast and buttered vegetables which were tastefully done and which blew my mind since it is a rare occasion that I encounter buttered vegetables that do not have that raw taste and are perfectly cooked.

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Now this is something! This tray of Buffalo Chicken Wings (Php 255) is a joy to munch on because of the viscous, mild-spicy hot sauce that envelopes the wings! Also, do not forget to dip it on that creamy dip to balance off the strong taste of the chicken!

For fish lovers, Rub also has a respectable choice of fish and seafoods presented in their menu. I strongly recommend getting the Grilled Fish (Php 190) on the left and Blackened Fish (Php 220) on the right. The Blackened Fish is crispy on the outside but very soft , the melt-in-the mouth kind of soft, in the inside. Fish nicely pairs with beef or pork since the taste is not that satiating.

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For the desserts, a plate of their Fried Oreos with Vanilla Ice Cream (Php 150) is the real bomb! Exploding in your mouth, I tell you that it is not a good idea to stuff a whole fried Oreo in it! It is better to enjoy this dessert slowly but surely as it could be quite nauseating if you hurry it. I am quite amazed by how full and complementing the hot chocolate drizzle, cold vanilla ice cream and cooking oil are!

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For those who are not ready on the guilt that the fried Oreos would bring, this less sinful alternative may just be for you! Sure to wake you up, the Coffee Creme Brulee (Php 140) will surely be exhausted in a matter of seconds!


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Great food in very affordable prices! Need I really say more?


RUB (Ribs and BBQ)

 (add) 88 East Capitol Drive, Brgy. Kapitolyo, Pasig City | (facebook) /RUBRibsBBQ | (phone) +632 6252939

Note: Rub has another branch in QC located at 64 Scout Rallos

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