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Hi! I am Lav.

Welcome to my creative portfolio. I document my adventures and snapshots in travel, style and food here. Take your time to explore and hope you have a nice stay!

Cebu: Casa Verde

P1020603 copy.jpg

Who says size does not matter clearly has not eaten yet at Casa Verde. Tucked in a dark and narrow alley at the back of the touristy Crown Regency Hotel, Casa Verde sits unassumingly there as if its presence is irrelevant as compared to its neighbouring counterparts and attractions. But almost all people know that irrelevant it is (absolutely) not as the restaurant had already gained a huge following from locals and tourists alike. Moreover, Casa Verde is already an institution in itself and it is for a reason!

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More than a decade now since the restaurant opened its first branch in this side of Cebu, Casa Verde now has two other branches found in the IT Park and the Ayala Terraces, to accommodate all the people who want to have a taste of their offerings and also to make it accessible to the others.

P1020615 copy.jpg

I got a dose of this hot Calamansi Juice for my appetizer since I am not feeling well that time. Each gulp of this hot beverage promised a soothing effect to my then feverish state.

P1020631 copy.jpg

On to the food! We may have underestimated the serving size based on the photos found in the menu but the moment the plates were put in front of us, our eyes widened with shock to see the hugeness of the servings! This one is called the Brian's Ribs which are succulent pork ribs cooked in a sweet, tangy piquet sauce. I have already heard a commendation or two of this lovely dish but I have never expected the meat to be the fall-off-the-bone kind!

P1020632 copy.jpg

We also got the Fish and Fries which were golden fried to perfection complete with this nice dip of tartar sauce. The fish was well compacted to that thin batter and breading.

P1020635 copy.jpg

Spiced with their secret seasoning, roasted and served with mashed potatoes and vegetable medley, the Roasted Seasoned Chicken was a delight in its own!

P1020637 copy.jpg

This, I think, is the star of the night! The Big Bang Burger has beaten all the other dishes to a pulp. A 9-inch burger topped with all things nice, this dish was surely concocted for sharing (and a meal for a family of 8 in itself)! We clearly have underestimated the "9-inch" clearly written out in the menu description.

P1020643 copy.jpg
P1020651 copy.jpg

The Raffitas Combo made sure not to fall behind the others. The grilled meat (chicken and beef combined) cooked with fajita vegetables is to be enjoyed with those warm tortillas and a good fix of other vegetables.

P1020655 copy.jpg

 Do not forget to spread your creation with sour cream though before you fully wrap up the tortilla!

P1020659 copy.jpg

Another favorite was this flavorful Peter's Pork Steak. Lightly seasoned and grilled to tenderness, your knife will glide and slice into the meat with little to no effort at all.

P1020596 copy.jpg

You could enjoy your food in this huge room with just the fan circling the air around;

P1020606 copy.jpg

Al fresco style in the backyard; or

P1020624 copy.jpg

In the bar or in these diner-styled sets.

P1020627 copy.jpg

They also have an isolated room called The Suite Room where they serve a completely different set of menu for those events that deserve a more private and a more fine-dining setting. Moreover, no minimum consumable is required here!

Should you happen to be in Cebu, I highly recommend for you to make it a point to eat here even just once. Adding up all those things that we ordered, you would not believe that we only paid short of Php 1800 for all of it! A seemingly affordable place this is, I could proudly say that the quality and serving still did not fall short of our disdainful expectations!



(add) #69 Lim Tian Teng St. Ramos, Cebu City | (phone) +63 32 2536472 | (web) 

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