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Welcome to my creative portfolio. I document my adventures and snapshots in travel, style and food here. Take your time to explore and hope you have a nice stay!

Bohol: Bellevue's Lamian Buffet

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The Lamian Restaurant is one of the three restaurants (Cena, another resto is coming its way) that you can find in Bellevue Resort in Panglao Island. Lamian offers an all-day buffet of international cuisine! What I extremely appreciated about the restaurant is that they established their point of focus; they fixed their dishes to a few items and expanded the buffet from there. Although they do not have that wide variety of food that you see in most buffet restos we have here in the metro, all of their dishes are delicious, with quality and worth trying out. You will never feel "cheated"!

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The long buffet counter starts with this bread corner. You could actually find almost every kind of bread here.

P1020350 copy.jpg
P1020351 copy.jpg
P1020352 copy.jpg

The bread pudding was divine! I think I got three servings (full small plate) of this.

P1020398 copy.jpg

This side has loaves of different kinds! Want to have your bread hot and toasted? Just a slice a piece on that white chopping board and heat it in their convection oven placed on the side.

P1020353 copy.jpg

And in here is a decent choice of cereals. The Muesli may not appeal to me since I am not fond of nuts, but for those who are looking for a healthier option for their breakfast, the Muesli would be a great choice!

P1020354 copy.jpg

I love how I was able to limitlessly refill my glass of coconut juice without asking someone to open a coconut (buko) in front of me!

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There are also various kind of jams to top off your pancake tower! 

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This omelette station is what my brother liked best! Mostly because he loves eggs! (Oops, that did not sound quite right!) Anyway, I remember 7 years ago when we first visited Hong Kong Disneyland and stayed in the Hollywood Hotel, I think he was 14 years old then, we had our buffet breakfast in Chef Mickey. While all of us got a piece or two of each dish they have there, my youngest brother, to our dismay and surprise, only got fried bacon and eggs cooked in every way imaginable: sunny side up, omelette, scrambled and hard-boiled! Name it, he got all of it!

P1020358 copy.jpg
P1020359 copy.jpg

If you are looking for something to warm your stomach, this chicken noodle soup could definitely deliver!

P1020362 copy.jpg

On to the main dishes! They have fried dumplings;  

P1020364 copy.jpg

Beef Stir Fry,  

P1020366 copy.jpg

Buttered chicken, 

P1020371 copy.jpg

And the fish fillet in teriyaki sauce which is something that my palate has not yet forgotten! This was realllly good and flavorful!

P1020370 copy.jpg

We, literally, got a handful of those bacon goodness since it is very rare that we have and cook bacon in our home as we do not pick up some when we do our groceries. Firstly, we are not really bacon-loving people and secondly, as much as possible, we avoid eating foods submerged in oil but then again it is not bad to indulge ourselves with this cured meat happiness once in a while.

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Here's another station of those do-it-yourself soup or meal! This time it is chicken rice soup! I would have gotten this if only I was not yet full! 

P1020408 copy.jpg
P1020379 copy.jpg

Fruits galore! I hope they also had included some mango shake into the drink choices. That would be yummy! 

P1020381 copy.jpg
P1020384 copy.jpg

They use the camembert on their salads while the emmental cheese on their sandwhiches.

P1020387 copy.jpg

And who could ever forget the cold cuts which could act as nice stuffing and complement for those breads.

P1020389 copy.jpg

The salad counter!

Like what I have said earlier, all the dishes are delish and with this, we had a very filling meal. Though soft spoken, the waitresses in our table are very warm and accommodating. I appreciate the fact that they immediately whisk the used plates the moment you stand to get another round of food. Also, the people assigned behind the food counters also know how to work up a conversation and are very willing to answer all my queries. I will make it a point to try their lunch buffet the next time I visit Panglao as I have been informed that they have a Japanese section of sushi and sashimi (which I like!) and roasted lamb carvings!



(add) Barangay Doljo, Panglao Island, Bohol | (phone no) +6338 4222222

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