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Silky Hermes: Different Ways to Wear Your Scarf

P1040667 copy.jpg

Hermes in Greenbelt 3 hosted a wonderful silk scarf party last Wednesday and I am so happy that I am able to partake in this event! Guests were invited to doll-up and bring their sleekest and most stylish Hermes scarf  to show off to the bunch. Since I am not really a crafty person and I even have a hard time tying presentable knots and bows I am relieved to see the presence of store clerks, oh-so-ready to assist us in styling the scarves. The night progresses with the guests having a fun-filled time as they learn a lot of ways to style their scarves and discover the best one that fits their personality!

Let me show you some ways that I have seen to ignite some ideas in you that you can use for your next trip to the beach, that fashionable event that you will attend in the near future or for you to just beef up and give an extra oomph to your casual outfit!


P1040610 copy.jpg

Putting your scarves around your neck is the most common and simplest way to style your scarf.

P1040616 copy.jpg

You can do the Three-Knot Necklace

P1040625 copy.jpg

The Simple knot

P1040649 copy.jpg
P1040647 copy.jpg

The Side Bow

P1040656 copy.jpg

Another take on the Side Bow

P1040684 copy.jpg

The Side Shawl Scarf

P1040707 copy.jpg

The Necklace Scarf. 



P1040666 copy.jpg

Want to be more adventurous in styling your scarf? Wear it around your body!

P1040634 copy.jpg

You can definitely wrap your stylish and trusted scarf around your upper body! This is the Scarf Halter Top with the ends tied around your neck and at the back.  This a nice way to given an extra attitude to your otherwise neutral outfit.

P1040633 copy.jpg

This is how you tie it at the back.

P1040637 copy.jpg

This is another lovely rendition of the Scarf Halter Top  that I totally adore! This would definitely be appropriate for those business meeting and client visits of yours.

P1040638 copy.jpg

Since it is versatile and very trendy because of the unusual knot at the middle, you could just entirely take off your blazer or jacket for that night out with your girlfriends after those long and tiring business meetings. Dare to be bold? Go bare! You can always wear this without a shirt or camisole underneath!


The Scarf Halter Top can also be styled with a use of a necklace. Just pick a simple and hard necklace of your liking, loop one corner of the scarf to the most bottom part of the necklace and make sure that you have a big enough coverage, like the Hermes scarves, so that you could tie the two side ends together at the back.

P1040631 copy.jpg

See how daring this style is if you decided to just leave your camisole in your closet? This is very beach appropriate!

P1040636 copy.jpg


P1040640 copy.jpg

Out of all the styles that I tried for the night, this one is closest to home! The moment the assistant styled the scarf like this, there was no turning back for me. I wore this crossed turban for the most part of the night.

P1040670 copy.jpg
P1040706 copy.jpg

You can also wrap this twilly around your wrist like cufflinks in replacement of the good ol' bracelets and bangles.

P1040663 copy.jpg

Here are the ladies going gaga over the scarves! 

P1040662 copy.jpg

Here are the girls scrutinizing the scarves that they should add to their collections! 

And who could forget the yummy and appetizing foods that accompanied the guests while they have their scarves styled and their picture taken for a picture-souvenir!  I was happiest when I tasted the mango opera bars and the caramelized chocolate cup with banana-chocolate on top.

All guests were given a loot bag containing a catalogue-magazine, a scarf catalogue, knotting cards which I find very useful and a sample of their des Marveilles perfume and perfumed body lotion, neatly placed inside the box. 

P1040737 copy.jpg
P1040752 copy.jpg
P1040753 copy.jpg

The rich, earthy and woody amber fragrance of the Eau and Lait des Marveilles is something that I could use everyday. If you are looking for a light and fresh scent, much like something that could make you smell like you just came out from a nice and invigorating shower, this scent would definitely be for you!

P1040761 COPY.jpg

I immediately fell in love with the knotting cards  as each shows you the step by step procedure on how to achieve the styling of the scarf that you want to imitate. Below are the looks that I want to achieve on my own! I think I could easily pull off the crossed-turban by myself.

But for this brassiere gavroche, I require myself to have a firm and nice abs first before I attempt to do this! Well, goodluck to me.

For your scarf fix, you know where to go!


* Thanks to Tita Jackie for the Hermes invitation

*Thanks also to Ate MJ for helping me out arrange the knotting cards

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