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Kapitolyo: Three Sisters Since 1941

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Three Sisters has been cooking amazing foods for so long now. One of the pioneers along the now-known strip in Kapitolyo, Three Sisters has already stood the test of time. An institution in itself, the restaurant has been already there even before Kapitolyo has been recognized as a foodie haven.

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Casual, dimly-lit and unassuming, this is the place to be if your tummy craves for home-cooked meals. I wish that this place is just a brisk walk away so that I could just storm in here for my dinner fix whenever my lola and mom are not around. Those green and white, plaid table cloth surely serves as a testament of how unpretentious this place is. It is as if this gives you the license to eat with your bare hands and care not with what the other diners might think.

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A refreshing start to a nice meal, a sip of this Sago't Gulaman would surely erase all your cares away, moreover if it is the hot weather that is bothering you right now. 

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I have always loved Calamares. Whenever there is one in the menu, I make sure that the dish is included in our order. Three Sisters made their Calamares ultra soft and with just a thin batter surrounding the squid rings. And even though there is no sauce, this is already good as it is.

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Squid heads make me giddy. My dad loves to buy those canned squid in ink when we were kids. I once thought that it was a staple in our household! My favorite part out of its entirety is the squid head. I like how its tentacles feel and play in my mouth whenever I bite on one. Crispy, the squid head is nothing out of the ordinary.

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The Lechon Kawali is addicting. I am not really into pork, especially if it is fried but I have to make an exemption for this one. The skin crackles in each bite and the meat does not ensue a feeling of guilt as the meat has been balanced with the taste of vinegar.

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The Bistek Tagalog has a huge potential. The taste has already been perfected through time, it is just that I had a hard time chewing the meat because it felt rubbery.

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The Hito is a surprise. We actually ordered a grilled hito but we ended up with a fried one because of miscommunication inside the kitchen. Since we are not in the mood to complain about this little mishap, we accepted the order with a tinge of disappointment from our end. But upon taking a bite of their Fried Hito, my eyes twinkled in ecstacy! The disappointment was replaced with relief and astonishment as the dish was really good! And to think that we would not have tasted this if we insisted on what we wanted. It goes to show that some mistakes are pathways toward greater things! Some mistakes are really fated and meant to happen!

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The large platter of Steamed Kangkong and Bagoong made my night! The Kangkong are uber long and filling while the Bagoong is that kind you would not leave alone until all has been consumed! The nice mix of saltiness and sweetness had it for me.

P1030575 COPY.jpg

The Pork Liempo should have been good if it is not this burnt!

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Ohh, the Sizzling Pork Sisig with Egg is a heart-stopping dish that had been gone in just a matter of minutes despite its quite large serving size.

Despite some misses, the fact that the Three Sisters have already been serving satisfying meals for decades now is something that could not be easily dismissed. I could forego the misses because the simple and close-to-home flavors are what had drawn me into this restaurant. Their selections have not been dubbed as comfort foods for nothing. I am more than willing to give Three Sisters another go for me to try the other dishes in the menu! Maybe next time, I will have their renowned Pork Barbecue!



(add) 10 East Capitol Drive, Kapitolyo, Pasig | (phone) +632 631-4431 | (mobile) +63922 495-003

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