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Kapitolyo: Haru Sushi Bar & Restaurant

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This long-time love affair that I have with Japanese cuisine started during my college days. I think the influence of those jdorama was my tipping point in trying, and later on appreciating, their flavors and dishes. I still remember those times, probably 6 to 7 years ago, when those dramas were the in-thing but along with the loss of my collection of burned VCDs went also my obsession with those effortlessly cool, Japanese actors on-screen whom I am shrieking over. In spite of which, my affection and wonder for the cuisine is still growing.

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I already have a couple of go-to restaurants here in the metro whenever I am craving for Japanese food, but even so, I have not completely shut my doors to new ones. Like this one! Haru Sushi Bar & Restaurant is well located in the foodie haven which is Kapitolyo. It sits beside the famed Cafe Juanita, which is no shock, since both are owned by a single owner, Dr. Vasquez.

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Though the oriental feel is already evident from the exterior of the restaurant, I could not help but to fall more in love with the interiors of the resto because of its homey vibe and feel. We were led to this nice, little corner at the back of the restaurant which was very conducive for a lunch meeting, private talks or just an undisturbed chill-out time with your friends or family.

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Little miss Martha here is hanging not in vain but for a reason. We were briefed by our server that little Martha is actually a bell and we can just pull her downward whenever we need to be attended to.

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Gyoza is an order staple whenever we eat in a Japanese restaurant. Haru's gyoza particularly stands out because it is stuffed with not just pork but also with shrimp!

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In my case, my meal in a Japanese resto would not be complete without my most beloved spicy tuna sashimi. I am actually on the lookout for the best version of this viand across the metro so recommendations are much welcome!

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The crunchiness of the tori teba is something that you will look forward in each bite! Dress it with vinegar that nicely complements the overpowering taste of the fried chicken wings and toss it some more with this flavorful but at the same time colorful and bright vegetables and you will end up with a dish that both the young and the young at heart will love!

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Who could ever dare skip Salmon Sashimi? Few in quantity, the thick cuts and freshness of the raw slices completely make up for its deficiency in number.

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The Tako Sashimi is a new favorite! I will surely go back in Haru just for this one! Expecting it to be hard and chewy, I was shocked to feel my teeth cut effortlessly the octopus meat. Before, I only get to experience tako in takoyaki balls, but now I have levelled up to sashimi and I am quite curious what will come next! Maybe next time, I would find myself already eating a live octopus!

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Oohh look at that beauty! Other than the spicy tuna sashimi, sushi is my next staple whenever I order in a Japanese restaurant. To see a wide variety of sushi in the menu leaves me giddy like a school girl! Most of the time, I end up getting almost all of what the menu has to offer!

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This Dynamite Roll is the bomb! The ingredients, flavors and spiciness will surely explode in your mouth leaving your palate satisfied more than ever! 

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Incorporated with cucumber, this Salmon Skin Roll with diced salmon meat and skin is well balanced that it will leave you craving for more.

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Unlike sushi from other restos that will fill you with their bigger portions of rice, their sushi is as honest as it gets! The roll of rice is so thin that you will almost feel it is not anymore there, making you divert your attention more to the play of ingredients inside the roll rather than the rice.

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On to the donburis! Other than the tender beef, the mildly sweet sauce in which the beef is simmered was what I love most about this Gyudon.

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The Shake Teriyakidon was a surprise as the salmon chunks melt in my mouth!

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Fondly being called by me as two of the most common donburi ever, the Katsudon and the Chicken Teriyaki Don are the two dishes that my brothers could not go without. Even though that is the case, both still did not disappoint.

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Crispy on the outside and juicy in the inside, this Chicken Teriyakidon was a hit!

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A should-be appetizer, the Nasu Abura Itame was thankfully served last to somehow cleanse our palate.

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On to the dessert! I already forgot what this is called but it is somehow like Toffee pudding ala mode. I just love how the warmness of the pudding plays well with the cold vanilla ice-cream scoop. It was a yummy dessert though so you might as well give Haru's dessert selections a try! 

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Even the servers are quite a delight to look at with their kimonos and flipflops, replicating the look of zori shoes.

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Everything here is reminiscent of the Japanese culture. So warm to look at!

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This is a posh, little nook at the near front of the restaurant and should I go back here, I will make sure to sit at that couch over there! 

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You really have many options for a sitting area in Haru. Should you want to dine with a view of the sushi chef preparing your beloved rolls and sashimi, you may opt to sit in the bar area.

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You may sit outside if you want to catch a breath of air while you are eating. 

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I have this philosophy that no two restaurants are alike! Haru Sushi Bar may be just one of the handful of restos that abound the metro but it has a distinguishing taste that you will go back for whenever you are craving for Japanese food. Filling without being too overpowering, I had actually ranked this resto in my top 5 list of beloved Japanese restaurants! And yes, I have that many choices up my sleeve.



 (add) 9 West Capitol Drive Kapitolyo, Pasig | (phone) +632 6310597

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