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I'm Too Cool for School

Let me be clear that I, for once, am neither promoting ditching classes here nor retracting your enrollment in your current school because you are too cool for it! 

With our growing attachment and love for Korean foods, films, telenovelas, music, fashion and brands, comes a new cosmetic brand that Filipinos will likewise come to love, alongside the likes of Etude House, Laneige, Skin Food and The Face Shop. Too cool for school is a unique cosmetic brand that came all the way from Korea, gracing our country to enable, us, Filipinos enjoy their quirky and effective cosmetic and skin care products at affordable prices.

Friendly salesladies in the counter smiling for the camera

too cool for school opened its flagship store in the Philippines at SM Mall of Asia last April 19. Located at the Level 2, Entertainment Mall near the south parking, you can easily find the store between the SM Premier Cinema and SM Department Store. You could not possibly miss it because of its edgy and uber cool glass exterior and because it sits just right across Etude House; though I must say that I have mistaken it for a unique concept store for art and writing supplies the first time I passed by it!

 too cool for school  is becoming a fast, growing international brand with 40 shops now scattered around the globe particularly in Korea, Hong Kong, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam and the Philippines.

Here's their shop at the Plaza Hollywood in Hong Kong

More stores in Korea. This branch is in Dongdaemoon;

In Myungdong;

At Seoul Karosoo;

In the Sungshin Women's University (how cool is that to have a store like this in your school?);

And at the Central Pinkalo in Thailand.

The brand follows the story of three girls (Sienna, Emma and Joey with Max, the cat) who are too glamorous just to go to school and who embody the spirit of a young generation as given life by famous British illustrator, Anke Weckmann, who gives soul to the products.

The brand carries a wide variety of products, ranging from skin care to make-up to accessories.

Here are their extensive choices of lippies and gloss,

The Hawaiian Flower is the bestseller among their hot girl lip sticker shades. I can see why is that so as the shade is soft and at the same time striking without being overly sophisticated like what shades of red emanate! 

Hawaiian Flower

Out of all the products there, the After School BB Foundation Lunch Box caught my attention. Popularity of BB creams has gone to a different level of heights since they make your skin look beautiful in an instant. For those who are still skeptic about using it, I could proudly say that BB Cream does that to you.This has been favorable for me since I am a fuss-free person and I do not have that kind of patience in applying my make-up. 

Available in 2 shades: matte skin and moist skin.

Moreover, this particular BB Foundation also comes with a concealer and highlighter. Talking about a product that gives utmost value for your money! Just dab a generous amount of concealer to cover up imperfection (especially those persistent bags below our eyes!), followed by a nice coverage of BB foundation all over your face for that flawless look and finally topped with highlighter on your T-zone to accentuate these areas and for that natural glow and dewy effect, and VOILA, you are good to go! Add to it the fact that it has SPF 37, enough to combat the harmful rays of the sun.

They also have this line called the McGirly wherein products are based on Korean traditional rice wine which is extremely effective for covering blemished skin, skin whitening and protecting skin health.

The product on the left is called the McGirly BB Cream (1) which could make your skin look super gorgeous. The pact is very cool and hygienic to use since you just have to press the pact for the cream to come out (no more dipping of finger here!). Rules of Aqua Mineral Water Gel Cream (2) is a moisturizer that provides skin with round-the-clock protection to keep it healthy. It feels smooth on the outside and moist on the inside!

The cute and handy dandy Marshmallow Puff (3) is applicable for all face makeups. It makes the application of makeup so much easier! Among all the accessories, the Joey Pouch (4), dubbed as the "Rebellious Joey in Red Trousers" by the online cosmetic community in Korea, is the most iconic of them all.

That is just a sneak peek of the products that you could expect to see in too cool for school! There's a whole lot more of other items that the store has in store for all of us! I recommend that you go there to explore some more.

Attention also to HIGH SCHOOL or COLLEGE students out there! This promo is still ongoing!

Attention also to HIGH SCHOOL or COLLEGE students out there! This promo is still ongoing!

Too far from Mall of Asia? Do not fret as the 2nd store in the Philippines of the said brand will open at SM North Edsa on July (or the last week of June, the earliest!). Maybe I'll see you there during the opening then?  Well, I bet I will! Happy Shopping!



(add) SM Mall of Asia, Entertainment Mall Level 2 (web)  | (phone) +632 3859734 | ( like them at facebook)

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