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Brow-mance: The Importance of Eyebrows (Part 1)

We have long considered the eyes as the windows to the soul. But would you believe that some studies suggest that this is not the case? Eyebrows, instead of eyes, are! Eyebrows, they say, are more vital to face recognition than our peepers! To support this claim, a particular study done in MIT tried to determine whether the eyebrows or eyes, if omitted to known faces, would cause more recognition problems for subject individuals than the other. Surprisingly, the individuals involved are able to recognize the celebrity 46% of the time without their eyebrows as compared to 60% of the time when the eyes are edited out. This is a strong suggestion that eyebrows are important in recognizing an individual's identity.

Not yet sold to the idea? Why don't we look at the photos of some stars without their eyebrows!

Freaky, right? I bet this prompted you to feel your brows just to make sure they are still there!

Eyebrows have an exemplary role in our culture. Without which, we devoid our face with expression. Our face, without them, could only give as much expression as someone who just had overloaded themselves with Botox injections. And that does not look appealing at all! Our brows have the capability to give away our intentions to those who can read them. So, whether we tell a lie or try hard to hide the truth, our eyebrows will surely give us away. Also, brows give off clues that are crucial during interviews and interrogation. An excerpt from the book written by Nathan Gordon entitled Effective Interviewing and Interrogation Techniques lets us in on the different expressions that we emanate where eyebrows play a major role:

One eyebrow raised is a sign of skepticism. Having both eyebrows raised, accompanied by an open mouth, indicates surprise. If the eyebrows are pulled up and in with a slightly open mouth, it indicates fear. When the eyebrows are pulled down and in, with a tight mouth, the emotion is usually anger.

But for all the things that our eyebrows can do for us, most of us still take them for granted. Now that we know that they serve as mirrors to our soul, maybe it is now time to give our brows constant TLC (monthly at the least!), guys included! We are the ones who will benefit from these anyway!

Got from: Candie Flavuhs

Groomed and properly shaped eyebrows spell a lot of difference on how you look. It could brighten up your face, bring proportion to it by either accentuating or softening your features, give you a more polished look and make you look younger. It is not only through plastic surgeries could we change the way we look; it could be just as simple as changing the shape of your eyebrows that could give off drastic changes; not to mention, at a minimal price!

For men, an unkempt eyebrow is already a thing of the past! Unkempt eyebrows lead to unibrows and we do not like to have unibrows. Yes, there are a few famous people who wear a unibrow but it does not mean that we should follow their footsteps!

For once, trimming out your brows does not make you any less of a man. It could actually make you look cleaner and more attractive! What's so wrong with that? Take a look at these men:

This is it for now! I will write another post about the different options you could possibly consider in taking good care of your eyebrows. Till the next installment for this brow-mance series!

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