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Bloggers United V

I went to the 5th installment of the Bloggers United Bazaar last June 1 in the SMX Convention Center and I must say that it really is a completely different feeling to see your favorite bloggers in person!

To give you an idea of what happens here, known fashion bloggers all over the country merge to form a bazaar where they sell their pre-loved items. It is a win-win situation really as the bloggers could sell instead of dispose their pre-loved items while followers could buy them at rock-bottom prices. Also, fans would be able to take a closer look of the bloggers whom they admire.

The place was jampacked when we arrived. It was hard to advance as shoppers go around the place bumper to bumper. It was like a treasure hunt x amazing race in there as girls try to push their way to look for great deals! I, on the other hand, was more interested to see the bloggers!

Maggie Wilson - Consunji is a true epitome of beauty. She arrived in the scene with that simple yellow shirt and a white jean shorts with close to no makeup. Very fresh and simple. Who would have thought that she is already a mom!

Kryz Uy is one of those bloggers that I am most excited to see; one reason being that I am curios on what she donned on that day as for me, her manner of dressing exudes utmost elegance compared to her counterparts. Also, I want to see how tall she is! I have not gotten the chance to go near her to compare my height with her but she looks tall for a petite girl. And yes, her peek-a-boo white dress and immaculate locks did not disappoint.

Nicole Andersson is a goddess.  My friend and I could not stop laughing upon seeing our pictures taken with her as we ended up looking like her personal alalay! She does this cute pose every time someone asks for a photo with her which is amusing and funny to look at but at the same time admirable since it is evident that she exerts effort for her fans. That cleft chin and sunny smile and personality left us in total awe.

Laureen Uy, on the other hand, was very approachable and looks very much petite than Kryz Uy. I love her voice, so daring! She was mobbed by the crowd the moment she stepped inside the venue.

But the deluge happened when Camille Co arrived! All sanity has been washed out as the shoppers cornered her helplessly at the back of the venue. Looking like a modern-day pixie fairy, she really stole the spotlight. Everyone wants to take a photo with her and everyone's wish has been granted. I bet she was already suffocating there in the corner but she carried on anyway without grumbling or complaining.

See how she got cornered there by her fans?

Also present are twins Vern and Verniece Enciso who are both eye-candy. Verniece Enciso for me is a hybrid of Kim Chiu and Regine Velasquez. And I was quite shocked to see that they are tall gals!

And of course, who could forget the lovely and quirky Divine Lee  who wowed the crowd with her outfit and who made the crowd roar with laughter when she hosted a giveaway segment for Globe Telecom, in which she is an ambassador. This same woman who uses gay lingo and taglish in her blog and made people adapt words like ganap, peg and chos in their everyday vocabulary, also knows very well how to work a crowd!

Of course, because of the extensive options, I ended up not buying anything (although I fell in love with Camille Co's white Stella Luna heels which took a lot of restraint from my end to not buy!). Maybe next time, I will end up buying something. Till the next Bloggers United!


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