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Cebu: The Henry

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If you are planning to go to Cebu City and are looking for a one-of-a-kind and charming accommodation to stay in, The Henry Hotel is the place to be! A hidden gem in the Queen city of the South, The Henry is a boutique hotel that marries modern structure with vintage designs and interiors. Opened in 2012, this hotel can already be considered as an attraction in itself!

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 Unassuming outside, the beauty of the hotel is seen inside. The moment you step into the lobby, you are welcomed immediately by the artsy and modern vibe of the place. The seemingly unfinished concrete walls, floors and ceiling are well compensated and complemented by colorful artworks, interesting furniture and the vibrant staff who will make sure that your needs are met by their exemplary service.


In case you are wondering what HC stands for, The Henry is formerly known as the House of Cebu.

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What I extremely appreciated about the place is the effort they put in in coming up with each of the details found around the hotel and making each of them work as a collective.

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The Henry has one store called Virus Boutique that sells clothes, bags, purses and other accessories!

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The hotel houses 38 rooms all in all in which no two rooms are exactly alike. With this fact staring right back at you, you could be assured then that each visit will be a different experience from the previous ones!  

The hotel has 4 types of rooms to choose from depending on the size of your party. They have the Big (2 max), Large (3 max), X-Large (4 max), and XX-Large (6 max). We booked 1 Big and 1 X-Large room for our group of 7.

Let me tour you first to the Big Room! 

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Our Big Room was located on the 3rd floor of the building. As you can see, the walkway of the 3rd floor boasts of a monotonous, black and white undertone. But voila! The room is nothing like its walkway!

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The very warm and vibrant orange color splashed across the walls reminds me of Mexican-inspired themes.

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This wall of stones is the thing that I loved most about this room!

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Now let us go to the XL Room that we occupied!

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This is the 6th floor of the building which is very Mexican-inspired complete with toros and enliven by the orange color. This fits very well the first room we have seen earlier.

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The room is humongous! Anyone could easily host a group of twenty people here! 

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As expected, the room is nothing like the hallway that we have seen. A complete opposite of the theme of the walkway, this room is more inviting and cool to the eyes because of the green, minty color that tops the brick wall.

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I do not know if you have already noticed one quirky and noteworthy characteristic of this room and the other room that I have shown you earlier, but for those who have, yes, you noticed it right that the rooms have doorless bathrooms!

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Do not fret as the the shower and toilet area are positioned in such a way that you are "almost" completely unviewable if you are to be viewed by a person standing outside of the bathroom.



I was in a non-stop treasure hunt during my stay at the Henry. Most of the treasures that I found are written on paper.

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There's nothing fancy about the pool but it is already enough for that night dip to cool off.

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The restaurant is located on the first floor of the the Henry and is no exemption to the artsy vibe that abounds the place. 

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In a moment, I felt like I was either Alice trapped again in the Under Ground or Goldilocks trespassing in the Bear's family house because of the big and spacious chairs around me!

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For hotel guests, Rica's also does food/drink delivery to rooms. Their extensive menu would already suffice should you wish to stay in for dinner due to work or a bad weather that might hinder you from going out.

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Up on the second floor, you could find this art gallery or scrapyard with a Volkswagen in the middle and lots of colorful paintings on its walls. Other than the gallery, the second floor also houses two function rooms on the right that are open to the public and a bar/lounge on the left.

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This place is very photo op friendly, almost all of its corners can be utilized as a background for that fashion photoshoot you have been dreaming of doing or that pre-nuptial video you and your fiance is preparing for. Their large rooms also serve as good venues for gatherings and parties such as that surprise birthday party you have been cooking up for your boyfriend or the bridal shower that you are arranging for your bestie. Whatever occasion may it be, The Henry has a fit room or venue for you!

If you are just looking for a place to spend your night in, other hotels might already be enough to cater your needs but if you are looking for more than just a hotel coupled with an exemplary service and an extraordinary experience, I tell you, you can never go wrong with The Henry!



(add) 1 Paseo Saturnino, Maria Luisa Road, Banilad, Cebu City | (web)  | (facebook) /TheHenryHotel | (instagram) | (phone) +63 32 5208877 | (mobile) +63917 3050737

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