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BAGA Manila

It is undeniable that Filipinos love to eat, at whatever time of the day may it be; the reason why I was not shocked when weekend markets came along and sprouted like mushrooms these past few years. Baga Manila is one of those market mushrooms that came to us Pinoy, living in the metro, to satisfy our weekend and midnight cravings!

Baga is ember or burning coal in Tagalog, a no-brainer basis really for the name of this market situated beside A. Venue which offers grilled goodies. However, Baga Manila did not just get its name from its literal meaning but was an acronym of the phrase: Barbecuers And Grillers Association (very creative!).

Lots of on-sticks to choose from to be grilled!

All of Luigi's Pasta comes with a huge chunk of those yummy looking Asian baked chicken in the middle. My friend ordered the carbonara and she thinks that what she paid for was worth it as the servings are big!

I, on the other hand, ordered the chicken peri-peri. The chicken was so tender and the spiciness was just right for you to still enjoy the meal!

You could never go wrong with an order of these good ol' Takoyaki balls.

With the exponential growth of Koreans staying, studying and migrating here in the Philippines comes also their dishes that our palate have come to appreciate. One of those is the bulgogi, which literally means "fire meat". This dish usually consists of grilled marinated meat and has been listed and considered as one of the World's 50 most delicious foods there is according to a reader's poll conducted by CNN Go last 2011 .

The rise of restaurants like Bulgogi Brothers and Sariwon Korean Barbecue is enough indicator that Filipinos had fallen in love with bulgogi. Excluding in the equation the experience and the taste and only comparing the cost of it in both restaurants that I had mentioned, you could have it for just a quarter of their price in Korean Barbecue at Baga Manila.

Sinigang Queen has every kind of sinigang there is! Sinigang enthusiasts will surely love this. This would surely be in my top picks come the rainy season!

These were my three picks for the night: the chicken Peri-Peri which is so tender and savory, the chicken isaw which I could not dare skip every time I frequent a weekend market and the refreshing and sweet buko pandan juice. The best part is that I only paid Php 175 for all of it!

Patterned wallets that stopped us on our tracks.

Compared to the other weekend markets, Baga Manila has the least expensive meals and food of all. My only issue with Baga Manila is that the food choices are limited. There are more stalls that sell garments and whatnots than the food stalls. I just hope they could add more of the food stalls for a more delightful eating experience.


Open from Tuesday to Thursday, from 4 PM to 12 MN.

(add) A. Venue Open parking lot, Makati Avenue, Makati City | (facebook) /BagaManila

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