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Gina Lacuna's Puzzle Collection

If you have not seen yet the Puzzle Mansion in Tagaytay, maybe you could consider visiting it the next time you are around the vicinity!

The Guinness World Records has noticed the Puzzle Mansion and given it recognition for housing the largest collection of jigsaw puzzles in different sizes, shapes and forms.

See? From simple to complex 3d puzzles, the puzzle mansion has it. 

Everything is a treat to look at as you could see that the gallery has been assembled with passion and love.

Coke puzzles like this one abound the place. 

Time to go to the beach. Hoping it is always summer. 

Georgina Gil – Lacuna , the very same woman who had assembled the 1030 puzzles (and still counting!) and who had made Puzzle Mansion possible is a true inspiration to many. A businesswoman by profession, she started collecting and assembling puzzles at the ripe age of 35.  She does the puzzles in between her busy schedule, during her free time. And even now that she is already 61 years old she still continues to do so.

Country Romance. This is nice to look at! 

The Spanish Dancer

I like this pop art puzzle that was customized for President Noynoy.

She is actually assembling right now a 10,000 pc puzzle, the biggest puzzle she would have done so far! I hope this earns her another recognition in the future! 

Here is the 10,000 pc puzzle that is ongoing assembly.

For those who got inspired by looking at the collection of Ms. Gina and wanted to have their very own puzzle gallery maybe in the future, a puzzle store upstairs houses different kinds of puzzle shipped from all over the world, which you may buy to jump-start you in that dream.

Beside this gallery upstairs is the puzzle store for those who got inspired by the works of Ms. Gina.

 It took her 27 years to come up with all the puzzles displayed in the puzzle gallery which really shows that time, passion, consistency and perseverance are vital factors in accomplishing something big in life. This gallery is a good reminder that there’s no quick fix in achieving greatness. In a lighter note, this gallery also reminds us that nothing is impossible.

While you are at it, why don’t you top off your visit with the Coconut Cream Pie they are selling at the ticketing station outside? 

It is a little sweet for my taste but I love how creamy it was and how the coconut meat plays in my mouth every time I chew on a piece! It could also serve as a good pasalubong alternative to the good ol’ buko pie!

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