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Dream Machine

A dream you dream alone is only a dream, a dream you dream together is reality - John Lennon

The man of the hour captured the attention of his audience with his stories.

Everything starts with a dream. My friend always says that if you could dream about something, then that something is possible to attain. That is true. A dream is reality waiting to happen. Neither dream nor reality is superior to the other as both flows through a single dimension.

We all have visions and dreams; I just believe an artist is more pressured by the presence of these dreams compared to the rest of us because dreams make him restless, these dreams nag the artist of their choice to death; dreams that are in constant rivalry with one another in grabbing his attention. Makes sense because whichever dream the artist picks will become the reality.

Modern Day Superheroes: (L-R) Scarlet, Marley and Fisher

In this case, these comical dreams of his won the battle. He did not just paint them but instead made identical and equally comical volumetric forms (in resin) of each of them so that he could share his dream to the collective, and thus transforming that dream to reality.

Abi Bear

According to Tres Reyes, these cute figures in his dreams are all experts in their chosen fields. The modern superheroes, the horse man, Abi Bear who is a biker, the toy boy who makes and carries all those toys at the back of his ride, the sweeper are all dreamers who once dreamed of becoming what they are right now and made it. They made their dreams their own reality and that is how we have come to know them, in turn.

The Toy Show

Dreams ought to be realized and this exhibit reiterates the said statement through the symbolic lives of these resin sculptures and through the work of Tres Reyes himself. It also reminds us of the process by which an individual dream becomes a collective reality.

Red Hoodie Doggy

Wind Sweeper


Dream Machine opened last May 29 and will run for the next two weeks in Vinyl on Vinyl, in collaboration with 371 Art Space, at the Collective, along Malugay Street.



(add) The Collective, 7274 Malugay Street, 1203 Makati | (facebook) /Vinyl on Vinyl | (mobile) +63922 848 7427

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