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San Antonio: Ritual

For organic buffs out there, Ritual may just be the neighborhood store you are looking for! Ritual is a general store, run by two people who decided to offer organic and local goodies sourced out from our local producers all over the archipelago, and sell those out at an affordable price. This store stands there for a cause and that is to support our local producers and to promote a healthier, more eco-friendly and wiser lifestyle to us, people, living in the metro.

Ritual offers a wide variety of products; from Sukang Iloco to South Cotabato chocolates to Raw Honey Palawan, name it and they surely do have it.  The shop is a  wonderland of goodies; you never know what you are going to find. And everything in the shelves are worth checking and trying out, you will have a hard time choosing as you would end up wanting to buy all!

They have these yummy looking and pleasant-smelling natural homemade soaps. They even have a shaving soap for men!

I could sense that we might be skipping the Joy dishwashing liquid we had been using here at home when we finished it and replace that with this citrus scented bio dish liquid for a change.

Still in your 20's and you are already seeing some gray hair growing? Fret not, that coconut and curry leaf oil over there might solve your hair problems! Mind you, I know a lot of people who are experiencing premature graying and this is more than just hereditary. You might think twice before lighting up that cigarette though as it is 4 times more likely for young smokers to grow gray/white hair compared to their non-smoker counterparts.

This organic browning oil by Caravan is a brew of three of nature's most powerful tanning agents; coconuts, carrots and coffee. All ingredients are sourced out from local farmers and lovingly glass-bottled by hand here in the Philippines. For eco-friendly people out there who are on the lookout for skin care products that they could possibly use, you could be assured that you are getting an all-natural product here free from harmful additives and minerals. More than just a browning oil, some use it as a daily moisturizer because of its gentleness and as a rejuvenator also!

Real Tan is available at the Ritual, The Collective, Aura Athletica stores, Celar de Oboza in Davao and Club Serena Resort, Cebu. You may also contact the distributor at 09175275113 or at

Healthy, healthy rice abounds the place! Those seasalt at the back may also be an unexpected kick on you extra sweet chocolate chip cookies. Disclaimer: I am not a baker but I could still recall the choco chip cookie with seasalt that my mother's tutee baked for us to munch on during one of our tutoring sessions and it was delish.

This could be a great lippy gift for your friends; especially if your friend has a very cold office area or workplace!

I have good memories with honey! My mom usually adds this to my kalamansi juice whenever I feel sick or have sore throat.

Ritual's fridge consist of Risa and Theo Philo chocolates and other gluten-free items. I bought the Adodo flavored chocolate from Theo Philo out of curiosity. The first bite, I tasted chocolate. The second bite I am quite sure I tasted soy sauce. The third bite, I was able to pick on some black pepper. On my fourth bite, I was able to taste it on its entirety, and yes, I could really say by then that that is real adobo in a chocolate bar! I was weirded out, shocked and laughing all at the same time.

They also have these goodies used for doing the laundry. Seeing the palo-palo (wooden washing paddle) brought back nostalgic memory of my childhood days! I could still remember how nanang (my grandmother) would hopelessly thump our clothes with this paddle just to "push out" the dirt from our clothes. Good thing they did not use this to slap our asses off when we behaved badly then!

Vegans will be happy about this because Ritual is offering vegan ice cream in three flavors and Bucky's brownies which are gluten-free!

I tried the salted caramel ice cream to see how it fares from the other dairy based ice cream out there. And I must say that it was a lot creamier and sweeter compared to those gelatos that I had tasted before. Replacing fresh milk with cashew and coconut milk made all the difference!

Ritual, we are not done yet. I will be coming back soon!


(web) | (add) Unit A, The Collective, 7274 Malugay Street, San Antonio, Makati City | (phone) +632 4004326 | (facebook) /ritualshop

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