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Daily Post #79-82: Peeling Off My L's (3/3)

Peeling off My L's (1/3) | Peeling Off My L's (2/3)

He met me outside, checked that all my controls and indicators are working, then when he was already satisfied, got in the car and proceeded with my driving test. I was nervous but I was confident that I can do it. I got out successfully from the parking lot of VicRoads.

From VicRoads, he asked me to turn left to the main street. It was a busy street as it was close to a busy round-about. When I turned left, he commented that I did not leave a safe gap between me and the oncoming car leaving the round-about from my right and I was too slow to turn. However, he still asked me to continue and make a U-turn on the next U-turn slot. While I was already there waiting for my turn to do a U-turn, a bicycle came up and stopped too in my left. The man riding on it is also obviously doing a U-turn. When he felt that there was already enough safe gap, he made his turn. I gave way to him and waited again for a safe gap (well, what I reckon to be a safe gap) between me and the oncoming car. When I already felt it was safe to move on, I did.

“Unbelievable!”, said the old Indian man.

I initially thought that he was praising my driving prowess but apparently I did a critical error that warranted him to terminate my exam. He was basically shouting at me when he was telling me the error that I committed. A hushed ‘sorry’ was all that I was able to say.

He asked me to go to the farthest lane on my right so that I could turn right back to VicRoads. At that moment, I knew that I already failed the exam. I haven’t been out yet on the streets for 3 minutes and I already failed it! My heart was pounding so hard that time. I want to plead to him to give me another chance but seeing how stern he was, I did not do it anymore. I also knew that it would just fall on deaf ears and there was no point to argue with him a I could sense that he was very unforgiving.

He asked me to safely park on one of the slots in front of the entrance of VicRoads and before he got out told me to meet him inside. As I entered VicRoads, I saw Sarah look in my direction and I gave her the sad face. She mouthed “Why?” but the old, Indian man was already waiting for me in the counter so I dismissed Sarah’s question and approached him first.

He told me that I was unsuccessful as I failed to give way twice and that I should just book again my exam. He shoved a piece of paper to me with comments that I can’t even read. I actually felt like crumpling and throwing it back at him! Sarah approached, hugged me and told me that it was okay. I asked her if it is possible for me to book another exam today and she told me that I could and to approach one of the counters to check too if there is an available schedule today. Yes, I was wretched but I was more determined then to book another test and get it done with the soonest time possible. ♥

I fell in line, got a number and as my number was called, I approached one of the counters and asked her the earliest possible day that I can have another test. Unfortunately, the next schedule available for that branch is January. I asked her to look for other branches as I really do not care where to have my test. My driving lessons may had been based upon the fact that I’ll have my driving test in Sunshine (the branch where I was in then) but I also believe that John taught me so damn well that where I’ll have my test should be immaterial. She told me that there’s one in Carlton in December which is the closest open date. I told her that I’ll book it. I was already readying my payment when she excitedly told me that a slot has freed up the next day in another branch, which is Sunbury, at 920 am. Without thinking much, I said that I’ll book it. I really don’t care how far it was or how early, my only goal then was to have my test the soonest time possible.

After I secured the slot, I went back to Sarah and told her the details of my exam. She told me that Sunbury is a 40-minute drive from our place but we can work it out. She told me that she’ll just drive my car going to Sunbury tomorrow. I’ve also realized that 920 am is not the ideal time to have a test as school zones apply a reduced speed limit of 40 kph for vehicles between particular times during school days. In Victoria, that would be between 8 to 930 during the morning and 230 to 4 during the afternoon.

Anyway, those do not matter. I do believe that I can do it despite the odds! ♥

Since there’s nothing more that I can do but to just wait for tomorrow’s exam, we headed back home to drop my car back to the garage. Sarah went home while I hailed an Uber ride and headed straight to work. I wasn’t anymore able to practice that night.

The following morning, Sarah and I headed to Sunbury. It was both our first time to go there so we were not at all familiar with the route. We even had a hard time looking for the VicRoads branch while we are already in Sunbury as it was literally tuck at the back of a compound located along a not-so-busy service road. Good thing we were able to reach Sunbury 30 minutes before my scheduled exam so we had a lot of time to spare to look for it and the sun was shining brightly unlike the day prior. After 20 minutes of looking, we at long last found it! Alleluia! Well not really found it yet as we only saw a small signage along the service road that points to where VicRoads is. Nonetheless, I was super happy! At least we were already there. I only had almost 5 minutes left before my exam when I arrived in VicRoads.

As opposed to the Sunshine branch, the Sunbury branch is not at all that busy. It actually had a very relaxed vibe that is non-existent from the Sunshine branch. I was 2nd in line when I came in. When it was already my turn, I approached the VicRoads staff sitting behind the counter and told her of my appointment. She smiled, told me to just sit and wait for my name to be called.

Ten minutes later, another lady called my name up. I approached her in one of the counters. She introduced herself (her name also happens to be Sarah and she is my examiner), filled-out the form with me, did a quick eye test, explained some rules, reiterated that I’ll be doing my test during school times and wished me good luck. She even smiled at me after! I already love the people there! She asked me to proceed in the parking lot and wait for her in my car. ♥

After a while, she went out and we started with the exam. After all that has happened yesterday and the slight stress that we had to underwent through earlier today to find the branch, my nerves were heightened at that moment. This is it (again) and I cannot mess it up. So I took a deep breath instead, relaxed a little bit and vowed to just do my best. I also reminded myself to always give way however long it may took.

As the exam progressed, I became more and more relaxed. I just listened to her directions and do whatever it is that she wanted me to do as best as I could. It also helped that her voice was calming and that I haven’t heard any violent reactions from her just yet. Instead of a three-point turn, she asked me to complete a reverse-parallel parking, which thankfully I was able to do. She also asked me to drive in-and-out of primary and secondary roads for quite a few times. I did not notice at all the time until she asked me to turn left on the next street as we were already going back to VicRoads. Even though I was already nearing the end of the exam, I did not let my guard down up until I was able to properly park my car in one of the slots. After I was able to park it, she told me to meet her back inside and she went out of the car. That was the only time that I was able to completely relax.

I went back inside and waited for her to emerge behind the counter. After a while, she called up my name to which I quickly responded to by approaching the counter. I was holding my breath at that moment and when she told me “Congratulations, you passed the exam”, I was only able to utter “Thank you so much”. I was happy but not more so than I was relieved. All those time, effort and money I’ve spent had been worth it.

I was giddy during the ride back home. I told my husband and my family of the great news. Sarah, my friend, dropped me back home. I can’t thank her enough as this would not have been possible without her there.

I did not know that the most exciting but scariest part is that moment when I was already left to my own devices. There’s no mom, John or Sarah anymore to be with me in the car and guide me on the road. It was all just me. This realization only sank in while I was already driving my car to work for the first time while being caught up in the middle of a heavy downpour. That marked the beginning of my driving journey. Even though my emotions were then undergoing a bit of a tug-of-war, I was able to arrive safely to my destination and that little success assured me that I can do it and there’s nothing to worry about.

Daily Post #75-78: Peeling Off My L's (2/3)

Peeling Off My L's (1/3)

Two sessions into our driving lessons, which was around the 2nd week of September, I told him that I am planning to take the driving test the soonest time possible. He told me that he will assess my progress during the next lesson and if he thinks I can do it then I could already book my driving test.

He assessed me during the next lesson. Luckily, he did seem happy with my progress as he gave the go-signal that I can already book my test. I was so excited to book after that lesson but my enthusiasm came to a halt when I saw that the earliest that I can book is 2 months from then. Seeing the long waiting time and knowing that delaying the booking for another day would just prolong the waiting time even more, I booked the earliest available schedule which fell on November 16.

John is firm. He taught me a lot. I felt he was not just preparing me for the driving test but he was actually preparing me for the long-term - for what will come after I pass my driving test. He equipped me with skills that I will use in real-life driving. He taught me a lot of techniques! He taught me how to handle my steering wheel so that I can have better control when turning. He taught me how to angle-in the kerb when approaching a give-way or stop line. He taught me how to estimate if I will have a safe gap from the oncoming car when I am turning into a primary highway. He taught me how to safely approach a secondary road, reverse park and a whole lot more! But more than the skills, he also told me to have the confidence, to not second-guess myself and to just commit to it. He is a great teacher! In my 2 months of learning with him, I can truly say that my confidence in driving grew a lot. ♥

The day before my driving test, though I was evidently nervous, but I was also excited for what was to come and confident that I can do it. Especially with John by my side, I know I’d be able to do it.

As I was sitting on our living room’s couch that night, just relaxing and easing my mind for tomorrow’s exam, I received a call from John. My initial thought was that he was calling me to remind me of our meet-up time the following day. Unbeknownst to me, he was calling to inform me that he just had been in an accident and he won’t be able to come to the driving test tomorrow as his car was pretty much rammed up and he, as well, bumped his head during the accident. He was completely lost as he was trying to ring up the driving school so that he can hand me over to another instructor but no one is answering anymore since the driving school is already closed. He assured me though that he will still try his best but he was telling me too to inform him should I find another solution.

As he was telling me this, my mind was racing hard and fast. I did not want to miss the opportunity to pass the test tomorrow. However, I was not sure if I am confident enough to do it without John there. On the other hand, I did not want to cancel the test just because he was not there. I tried asking some of my friends if they know a driving instructor who can accompany me in my exam tomorrow. Since it was already so short of a notice, I was not at all expecting that I’ll be able to find one that night. In that moment, I realized that I just have to proceed even if it means going through it alone. So while I was waiting for them to reply, I was already devising another plan in my mind. ♥

I checked the guidelines in VicRoads’ website about bringing my own car. It just specified in there that as long as the car is roadworthy and all the controls are working, then I can bring my car. I am positive that it is roadworthy since it is a new car. Since I only had a Learner’s permit and I can’t drive alone, my only dilemma then is to find someone who has a full license and who is available to accompany me from our house to VicRoads. I had a close friend living nearby who was then on her maternity leave but since I did not want to disrupt her or take away some of her precious time from her baby I did not consider her first.

My test was set in a weekday morning so I knew I had to find someone who is available on a weekday. That immediately scrapped all of my friends from work. I also had a few friends and acquaintances that I can think of but I was pretty sure that they do not have a full driver’s license yet. Since I clearly had no choice and was already desperate, I was back again to my friend, Sarah, who is on maternity leave.

I messaged Sarah and told her of my situation. Since the nearest VicRoads is just a 10-minute drive from our house and the test would not take much time (and maybe she had picked on my desperation!), she told me that she’ll accompany me. She and her husband had their driving test there too so she was quite familiar with the usual test routes. I haven’t driven my car that much yet so I also asked her if we can meet up an hour before the test so that I can familiarize myself with my car. Being a very helpful and accommodating friend that she is, she told me that we can also practice that same night. Two hours later we were already on the road practicing. ♥

We went directly to VicRoads and she did a simulation of the driving test with me. We practiced parking in VicRoads, changing lanes, doing U-turns, and parallel-parking and doing a three-point turn in nearby suburbs. We did two to three rounds of going back and forth between VicRoads and a nearby suburb before calling at a night.

I went home feeling a lot better than hours prior that. I knew I can do it. I went to sleep feeling confident about the exam the following day.

The next day, I was up early. It was raining hard outside. This is it. This is the reckoning that I’ve been waiting for. All of those months I’ve spent learning the basics of driving and cash I’ve burned on driving lessons will all be reduced to the outcome of this exam that I’ll take. This is what I’ve been preparing for and I was really hopeful that I’d be able to get the license in one try.

Sarah and I met an hour early so that I could still do some practice driving before the exam. When I had already accomplished enough parallel parking and three-point turns, we decided to go then to VicRoads. I was 20 minutes early than my scheduled test when we arrived in the center. Good thing, there was no line in one of the counters so Sarah was able to approach it and ask if I can already have my test. The old Indian guy who was manning the counter told her that I can. With a nod from Sarah, I approached the counter. He was simultaneously filling-out the questionnaire while he was asking me some questions. He was quite nice. He told me that he will be my examiner for that test and I can already wait for him in my car.

Peeling Off My L's (2/3)

Daily Post #71-74: Peeling Off My L's (1/3)

After hours and hours of doing driving lessons, I am happy to say that I already got my full license! However, getting it had not been a flawless process as there had been some bumps along the way. And the bumps are what I’m going to share with you today.

I started taking driving lessons when I was still in Sydney. I did not have any work yet back then and I was still job-hunting. Commuting was still convenient for me as it was miles-apart better compared to my commute experience back in the Philippines. What prompted me to take lessons that early though is the fact that it had been brought up during a phone interview by one of my interviewers. She was interviewing me for an engineering position.


Interviewer: Do you have any local experience?

Me: Not yet since I just got here in Australia two weeks ago. But I was a Process Engineer back in my home country and I have a lot of engineering experience under my sleeve.

Interviewer: Do you have a car and a driver’s license?

Me: No, but I am willing to commute everyday. Is the place reachable by public transport?

Interviewer: It will be hard for you to reach. Our client needed someone who has has a car and can drive since their production sites are far from the city center. You’ll expect another call from me if you progress in the interview process.


Of course she did not call back. But that’s when I realized that if they can easily turn me down without me having  a full license and not having a car, I had to close that gap the soonest so that we can already go past that and focus instead on what’s more important: my skills and what I have to offer. ♥

I was able to find a Filipino driving instructor when I was in Sydney. His name is Ron. I can still remember the first time that I drove a right-hand car. It felt very awkward to sit at the right side of the vehicle and drive on the left side of the road. When Ron first asked me to turn left, I pushed the wipers instead of activating the indicator! It was embarrassing! Slowly but surely though I overcame it and progressed in my driving. We drove around the suburbs first, then moved on to driving in highways. Before I knew it I was already driving in freeways and expressways. The lessons cost me $45/hr but since I was not doing anything yet that time and I wanted to get my license the soonest, I would normally book 2-hour lessons with him. Add to this fact that I hadn’t had that much driving experience back in the Philippines.

I was using my overseas drivers license then. In Sydney, Australian temporary residents can use their overseas license during the whole length of their stay in the state for as long as it is still valid. For permanent residents like me, the rule is different as we are only allowed to use the license up until 3 months from our date of arrival in Australia. Beyond 3 months, we already have to obtain a Learner’s permit which we will only get if we pass the written exam. After passing the written exam, we can then take a driving test which if we passed will earn us the much-coveted Driver’s license. I took my written exam in driving, which they simply call Knowledge Test, but did not get my Learner’s permit when I passed the exam since my overseas drivers license was still valid that time.

I was very persistent  in getting my license that I would usually book two to three 2-hour sessions with him in a week. However, a month into my driving lessons, my circumstances changed. Even though I was going somewhere in relation to my driving skills, I was actually going nowhere with regard to my job-hunting. I still forward my resume to various companies everyday, tweak my resume as necessary but I would only get a call or two every now and then. Most often than not, the phone interview or invitation to an interview would come from Melbourne. So I tried my luck in Melbourne and completely dropped every progress that I had been doing in Sydney, including my driving lessons. As luck had it, I was able to obtain a job in two week’s time. All of these happened November to December last year. ♥

Juggling my new job, the adjustments I had to deal with from living solo and the long-distance planning I was doing for our wedding then, I completely forgot about my driving. It was only until eight months after, 4 months into my pregnancy, that I decided to pick up where I left off.

In Melbourne, the rules are different as compared to Sydney. Permanent residents are able to use their overseas license up until 6 months of coming into Australia. Since I was already staying in the country for almost a year then, this was not applicable to me anymore.

I booked my Knowledge Test last August 10, which was a Thursday. I marched into VicRoads and was able to obtain my Learner’s Permit (like a student license back in the Philippines) also on that day. After getting my permit, I immediately tried to book for a driving lesson that coming Saturday. I called up a lot of driving schools but everyone was already fully booked the coming weekend. I asked a friend who had just passed his driving test then of his instructor’s number. The instructor’s name is Sam. Sam told me that he was also fully booked that coming weekend but he can accommodate me the next weekend. And so I was forced to wait for another week to start with my driving lessons. ♥

Sam and I started my first 1-hr driving lesson in Melbourne from my house. For our first lesson, he just observed and assessed my driving skills. He continued doing this until our second or third lesson. Sam is so nice and calm. He takes everything slowly but surely. This teaching style though did not suit me as I had a goal of getting my license the soonest time possible. Maybe it was my fault too that I haven’t informed him early of how fast I wanted to obtain my license. So I tried looking for another driving instructor from a different driving school who I can do an express lesson with.

Luckily, I found John. John is one of those instructors who replied to me quickly when I was still looking for a driving instructor. Since Sam and John were offering me the same time slot then, I just went with Sam as he was recommended by a friend.

John is in his sixties and is already retired. He did not divulge this bit immediately but I was able to ask him about his age later into our lessons. I did an express lesson with him the first time. That express lesson really lived up to its name since he went through with me everything that the examiner will ask me to do during the test. I felt bombarded! My head hurt after the lesson. Nonetheless, I felt confident that he’ll be able to guide me into what I wanted to achieve. At the end of our first lesson, he asked me how I did feel about it. I told him that it was information overload for me! He replied that it was expected because that’s how usually an express lesson goes. Since I liked his teaching style, I decided to transfer to him.

Peeling Off My L's (2/3)

Daily Post #63-65: On Cooking

Living on my own forced me to learn how to cook. Before coming here in Australia, I do not know how to cook. I do not have any idea how to cook. Well, I can make rice, fry eggs and cook some instant noodles but the idea of coming up with a dish proved to be a daunting task for me then. My mom and my grandmother were the designated cooks in our household. Moms are naturals. I had a very easy life when I was still living at my parent’s house. Breakfast is already prepared in the table when I wake up. My lunch would already be neatly packed on the table and I just have to grab it before I go to work. After a tiring day from work, there would already be a lovely dish prepared for us when we come home. It was so easy since we are pardoned from cooking and we can just go about and do our thing.

That is why when I moved here in Australia, I did not know anything about cooking. It also hasn’t been an immediate thing for me to learn when I came here though since I was very lucky to had been able to stay with my relatives when I initially decided to stay in Sydney and try my luck there.

My relatives are such amazing cooks and it really fascinated me to see how effortless it seemed for them to conjure a dish or two, sometimes even more, every single meal. It was evident that they loved to cook and you can taste the love that they poured in into every dish that they make. I think I gained a couple of pounds each week that I’ve stayed with them. ♥

Because of this fascination, I became interested even more to learn. My appetite to learn how to cook had been satisfied by one of my uncles in Sydney. He made cooking for dinner a Cooking 101 class for both me and his daughter which he tried to conduct every night. During those nights, he would direct us on what we should do and we just had to follow suit. Easy peasy, right? But for me who does not know how to cook, it was different. I remembered being so self-conscious and awkward in the kitchen. I did not even know how to hold a knife that my uncle would just stay by my side and oversee what I was doing, making sure that I haven’t cut my fingers or anything. He was so patient and I was so thankful because he gave me an opportunity to learn some basic stuffs and it did help me in building my confidence in the kitchen.

I stayed in Sydney for about two months before I decided to move in Melbourne. In Melbourne, I stayed in a friend’s house for about two months. My friend and her husband treated me as a guest in their house. Aside from the free accommodation, they also included me in their everyday budget which had been a very great help since I was still looking for a job then.

While I was staying with them, I discovered how great a cook my friend is. After work, she would whip up something for dinner and after dinner she would still have the energy to cook up another dish which we will eat for next day’s lunch. It was amazing. There I was, just having sat in their house the whole day, already tired after job-searching in front of my laptop and sending out resumes to companies practically the whole day while she still had the energy to cook two dishes after working the whole day in the office. What a superwoman. In short, I wasn’t able to continue on with my cooking saga. ♥

After less than a month of staying with them, I was able to get a job. When I already felt that I can already stand on my feet, I moved out and found a place of my own. That was my first taste of independence. Such a bittersweet taste for me. It was lonely at first but since I had to do everything for and by myself, I eventually did not notice the loneliness anymore.

This time around, I was left with no choice but to continue to learn how to cook for myself. My experimental journey in the kitchen had been both awkward and amazing. I commited a lot of mistakes. I burnt a lot of fried foods. I overcooked eggs. I almost triggered the smoke alarm. I made too salty, too sour and too sweet dishes. My bloopers were endless the first few weeks. Nonetheless, it was still amazing in the sense that I was able to commit those mistakes without any fear or worry that someone would laugh at me, get mad at me or think that I am some kind of a joke. It was pure, unadulterated, unfiltered learning. With these essential mistakes, I became better.

After a day’s work, I would find myself looking forward to having to cook my dinner. I now understand how my relatives and my friend who were already tired from work still had the energy to cook after coming home. Cooking is therapeutic. There’s just something in being able to create something that makes me feel empowered. Having cooked a dish feels like I have achieved something and this feeling builds me up and carries me on for me next cooking engagement. It felt wonderful.

I am still learning. I still had a long way to go when it comes to cooking but the journey’s what makes this so beautiful. I do not think I would ever stop learning. When I think of cooking something, I just do it. If it turned out to be good, I improve on it. If it’s not what I expect it to be, I make a mental note of it, tweak the process the next time until I get it right. It is a never-ending process and I am so excited to see how my cooking style would evolve over time.

Daily Posts #41-43: Weight Gain and More

I’m currently in the 26th week of my pregnancy and I already feel really huge! My belly is now all-day hard unlike before when it was only after I have my meals and during night time that it becomes hard. Now, even when I’m on my bed, either lying on one side or on my back, my belly is already bulging out. Bibibam must really be a big boy!


First Trimester: Strict but Deprived

During my first trimester up until the early parts of my second trimester I have not really took notice of my weight. It is because of the fact that I do not care if I gain much weight as long as I eat healthy. I was very strict with my diet then, I only ate real foods, I increased my daily intake of fruits and vegetables and if I were to eat meat, I only did so sparingly. I only increased my rice intake and I rarely had sweets and junk foods but even though I was eating healthy I felt really deprived.

Since I had been reading a lot of do’s and dont’s in the earlier part of my pregnancy, there came a point that I got really scared of eating and exploring other food options. I just stuck with ingredients that I know and whenever I do try to experiment (because that’s just who I am, I can’t not explore), I always become wary that it might hurt my baby.

When I read that raw and even undercooked eggs might be bad for my baby, I freaked out that starting from that moment, I had always overcooked my eggs. Since some cakes also have raw eggs in them, I steered away from them too. And when the temptation to eat a slice came as the cake was just there staring back at me and it was hard to block it since it looked really yummy and delicious, I would just go near it, sniff it and then turn my back, fill my drink bottle with lots of water and drink it up so that I would become really full, hoping the craving would creep out of my system. Usually I was successful but sometimes, I would just go ahead and pinch myself a slice and put it in my mouth right then and there. It was horrifying then, I felt like I am a mad woman or something.

It was crazy.

I also did not have any cravings of any kind. I only stock 1 bag of chips to satisfy my tongue when it felt like eating salty food and a tub of coconut-based ice cream (the healthier alternative!) when it felt like eating anything sweet, which would already last me for 2 weeks.

I only gained about 1.5 kilos until the 16th week but when I hit the 17th week, even though I was still strict then with my diet, my weight gain went crazy fast. I were then gaining about 500 to 600 grams a week, not to mention I really ate a lot when my husband went home again here in Melbourne for 5 weeks.


Second Trimester: Over-indulgent

He cooks amazingly and he did cook us lovely foods that I really missed back home. When he was here, all my inhibitions about food flew right out the window. I just felt that since he was here and he approved, I had the license to eat anything I wanted. I just went crazy with food but amazingly I felt like I had more energy and I felt really satisfied so I continued on. I still ate a lot of real foods and I threw in a serving of junk foods in the mix too. I had my birthday and he had his too during his stay here which actually gave me more license to indulge. Every day that he was here felt like a feast for me. He was here until the 23rd week of my pregnancy.

During the last 2 weeks that he was here, I started to become guilty of my eating choices, primarily because my weight gain, week after week, had become steeper. I started to recent the way I had pigged out. Even though I was contented, I started attributing my consistent weight gain to my bad choices and over-indulgence.

After he left for the Philippines, I reverted to my old ways. I again became strict with my diet but without inhibitions anymore. I went back to exploring and eating foods that I think were good for us, I threw out paranoia in the bin and I toned down my junk food intake. I only eat sweets now during the weekend and I had recently found a better alternative to my chips intake. I just buy a pack of Lebanese bread fresh from the bakery, cut it in triangles and pop them in the microwave for about a minute to mimic the crispiness of chips. I also buy a small tub of dip from the grocery store (Guacamole every single time for me!) to dip the crispy triangles in. Technically it is still carbs but I’d go for carbs anytime than those yummy but very salty chips in the grocery shelves. I think this is what healthy-eating encourages everyone to do: to not deprive yourself, to be creative and wiser with your food choices and to always choose the lesser evil.

Although my mom also came to visit me for a few days and she had also cooked some amazing food, I did not over-indulge anymore and I only just consume what my body needed. Surprisingly, even though with the adjustments that I made, my weight gain is still steady at 500 to 600 grams each week. Even so, I am happier and more at peace now.


Now: Strict but Healthier

I think I’ve already accepted the fact that may be it is not my fault after all. Maybe the weight gain is not directly due to my diet but it is just how this pregnancy works. Sooner or later, I will really have to gain these pounds. The weight gain is not just from my baby or my increased body fats but it is more than that. There’s still the increased weight of the placenta, uterus, breast tissues and other protein and nutrient stores that I have forgotten to account for. There’s also the increase fluid and blood volume. To ease my mind some more, I am now referring to Baby Center’s weight gain tracker. Accounting my BMI before I became pregnant, my weigh then, my weight now and how long I already am in this pregnancy, Baby Center assured me that I am still in the healthy range. And with that, it looks like we are doing just fine.